pdf The End of the Road: The Festina Affair and the Tour That Almost Wrecked Cycling (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Alasdair Fotheringham, Tim Gerard Reynolds, Sportybooks: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Alasdair Fotheringham – Carcier.co

The Tour de France is always one of the most spectacular and dramatic events in sports But theTour provided drama like no other As the opening stages in Ireland unfolded, the Festina team s soigneur, Willy Voet, was arrested at the French Belgian border with a carload of drugs Raid upon police raid followed, with arrest after arrest hammering the Tour In protest, there were riders strikes and go slows, with several squads withdrawing en masse and one expelled By the time the Tour reached Paris, justof thestarters remained, and of thosestarters, than a quarter were later reported to have doped TheTour de Farce s status as one of the most scandal struck sporting events in history was confirmed Voet s arrest was just the beginning of cycling s biggest mass doping controversy what became known as the Festina affair It all but destroyed professional cycling as the credibility of the entire sport was called into question, and the cycling family began to split apart even as, ironically, theTour was also one of the best races in years The End of the Road is the first book in English to provide in depth analysis and a colorful evocation of the tumultuous events of theTour Alasdair Fotheringham uncovers how the world s biggest bike race sank into such scandal He explores its long term consequences and what, if any, lessons were learned

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  1. Coppi7 Coppi7 says:

    Here it is one of the very few books that meet the drugs issue head on and makes it a good entertaining though provoking read Plenty of research and overall an unbiased account of the crisis that nearly finished the Tour de France Oh how the mighty had fallen, with still no test for EPO use and rapidly spiralling average road speeds and ascents, the authorities knew that something big was gonna hit the fan It took the discovery of a soigneur s van stash enough drugs for a number of teams not just Festina as often reported to blow the whole facade up in the face of the media and sports fans Lots of tantrums from the main stars and cover ups by the cycling omerta could not stem the fissure that eventually turned into a crevasse of confessions, bans and excluded teams This eventually led to the exposure of Armstrong after he became the saviour of the Tour because of his links to Ferrari and the Italian state sponsored drug program overseen by Conconi It led to cycling at two speeds as French teams tried to ride clean, whilst others risked bans and generally led to a ceasefire amongst the peleton where speeds dropped for a while till the next PED could be found A good account of cycling at its most pharmaceutical and risky , 26 deaths were linked to EPO in this period and another worthy addition to the cycling library.

  2. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    As per 2006 and the fall out of Operation Puerto, the Festina Affair was a moment when cycling s dark heart was revealed and was an opportunity to come clean about the malaise affecting professional cycling As the Texan proved, the lesson wasn t learnt Time will tell if Puerto was a pause or a emphatic break with the past.The only fault I found with this book is that it races from Willy Voets arrest into the daily shenanigans at the 98 tour, without going into as much detail as I wanted on how the police were able to do such a seemingly set piece seizure of so many drugs in his car Who tipped them off, and why Even if the question is unanswerable, it is worth exploring the probable answer is not that a noble citizen shopped Voets, but a rival team We may never know and perhaps the lawyers intervened to prevent further revelations The account of the Tour itself is excellent and brings a surreal race to life.


    Very good, a fairly in depth review of the trial and tribulations and aftermath of the Festina Affair Certainly of interest to committed cyclist, but not really for the casual rider.

  4. Simon Simon says:

    easy read, well written

  5. NickCS NickCS says:

    I have struggled to read this book Alasdair does not, in my view, write as well as William, and I found the format of the book somewhat disjointed Maybe the author was trying to adopt a different presentation for what are already pretty well known facts, but I did not feel it worked I found myself leaving this book to one side and being in no rush to get back to it Disappointing.

  6. Mr. T. J. Hopton Mr. T. J. Hopton says:

    I am 75% through this book and by my account I would be finished this by now if I couldn t put this book down, so I am slightly disappointed that this read is not as good as I anticipated.My gripe is that Alasdair makes too many references to other books who have covered this same subject, which is mainly about the Festina scandal and the Tour de France that year.His own investigation work is very interesting and enlightening which brings with it new information and new theory s, however all too often the author delves into other passages written by other authors which just seem to disrupt my reading.The bibliography and passages in this book reads like war and peace, just too many for my liking, so it only gets 4 stars.