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Brilliant, as always. If you have never read anything or very little by Dan John this is a very good book If you have all his books, read the blog on his website and occasionally look for his articles on other websites, there isn t very much new content, as several of his recent blog posts were essentially chapters from this book None of this lessens the validity of content, but does make the book less fun to read By skimming the parts I had read before some appear in than one book or post I finished in a day and a half of part time reading. Everything this man writes makes perfect sense. About 2 years ago I was reading a blog post by a trainer who said he had lost his way a little with training He read Dan John s book Never Let Go and instantly felt rejuvenated and wanted to race out the door into the snow and train like never before His excitement and enthusiasm leapt off the page and honestly for the 1st time in my life I bought the book online on the spot I ve since read all but one of Dan s books I m on the last one now It s fair to say that Dan s style and approach to training have been the biggest influence on me as a coach and I will be forever grateful I got to meet him last year and attend one of his workshops and I would gladly walk swim climb to any future ones Awesome book and man I highly recommend it. In Intervention,Dan described how he evaluates adults and suggests course corrections to improve the basics He followed that with Can You Gowhere he addressed assessments trainers and coaches might use with their clients and athletes Now, in Now WhatDan loops back around to tell us what to do next You ve brought your clients up to the minimum standards You ve done your assessments Now what That s the question Dan answers in this book, the third installment of this series Dan John s Now Whatwill help you determine the next steps in moving toward the goals of your clients and athletes