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An intense and inspiring story of sporting triumph, from World, Commonwealth and National racing champion and Olympic silver medalist Lizzie Armitstead On the eve of theOlympic Games, the biggest moment of her life, Lizzie Armitstead s career was thrown into turmoil After being cleared to ride the Games at the final hour following a successful court appeal to overturn an alleged missed drugs test, the ensuing leak and backlash threatened to engulf her Now, for the first time, she tells her story and reveals how she went from world champion and darling of Team GB road cycling to one of the most scrutinised athletes in British sport how it happened, why it happened and how Lizzie cleared her name and came out fighting In Steadfast Lizzie Armitstead takes the listener to the heart of the most demanding of endurance sports and the challenges faced by one of its most gifted competitors from sexism and the fight for equality to doping and the incredible sacrifices required to self coach herself to world titles From the rolling hills of Yorkshire through to the treacherous climbs of the Vista Circuit in Rio de Janeiro through setbacks, life lessons and ups and downs of a professional life in cycling Steadfast is an intense and inspiring story of sporting triumph

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  1. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    A really interesting book Lizzie has certainly shown a great deal of strength and tenacity to become the rider that she is today She explains again what happened regarding the 3 strikes which were not actually 3 strikes at all and I can only hope that the press etc give the girl a break The difference between the way men and women are treated by team GB is most certainly an eye opener that s for sure To be an elite rider as Lizzie shows in this book takes sacrifice but she never forgets that family and friends are what makes her truly happy Good luck this year I just wish there were televised events so we could see the women race.

  2. 2101bob 2101bob says:

    Cycling is a strange world, and to most this book will make it stranger, though no less interesting Lizzie s tale, in straightforward autobiographical terms, is that of a rebel and a proud one at that Probably all elite sportsmen and women have to be somewhat different, or they would never achieve greatness, but this comes at a time when everything about society in general tries to oblige us to conform and be manageable for the myriad authorities established to govern and at least by declared intent help us Having read Mrs Deignan s story I still haven t the faintest idea just how many local, national and international bodies someone like her has to report to and obey, or how they ever combine to produce the events we end up seeing on TV or maybe sweeping through our towns And in the end, this is what Steadfast is about the essential stars of a sport, with all their human foibles, running foul of officialdom Lizzie makes it clear that anyone who has both the dedication and talent to become a household name must also be a hero or heroine in the quite separate struggle to remain a person of integrity in the floods of additional bureaucracy they must wade through.Apart from making me angry yet again at the way people are treated by authority, Steadfast makes it clear that every single one of the umpteen riders we usually see whizzing past in a road race or whirling round a track must also be admired for somehow surviving to be permitted to entertain sports watchers And one has to wonder how many others found themselves unable to cope with both training and competing, and the intrusive tyranny of having to report every movement they make Lizzie accepted it but still made a couple of errors incredibly, to an outsider, she owns up and is contrite about having simply been a fallible human What then happened to her is the lesson of her book, and a warning to us all.

  3. jeremy scarsbrook jeremy scarsbrook says:

    I am not really interested in cycling other than watching it when the olympics come round but there were some doping issues involved so I thought it might be worth a try I am glad I did because I had no idea of the sacrifices and sheer hard work involved in becoming a professional road race cyclist also you don,t seem to make much money either The circumstances surrounding the missed drugs tests seemed laughable if it wasn,t so serious and the whereabouts reporting system in place is worse than being a criminal on parole But I suppose it has it,s place in the world of professional athletes A well written book that kept me interested from start to finish.

  4. ministry-evangelism.co Customer ministry-evangelism.co Customer says:

    Fantastic book really enjoyed reading Very honest account of pro cycling what s it like away from the sport A must read for cycle fans or any sports fan Well done Lizzie great role model for young girls interested in cycling or any sport.

  5. kelly phillips kelly phillips says:

    You have a new fan Mrs Deignan what a honest pragmatic and real read Loved it all, very jealous you had training therewith motogp riders Lol What a shock but not a surprise to hear how female riders in some areas of the sport are an after thought, it shouldn t be Recommend reading this highly.I am me and I love riding my bike.Good luck in your future objectives.

  6. Simon Simon says:

    Fully enjoyed reading this, I am not a book person as I like the bike and out doors but I gave this one a go and found it an enjoyable read Along with photos and a good source of information from starting out on the bike to becoming recognised rider magic

  7. Mr Barry J Dore Mr Barry J Dore says:

    Loved this As a keen fan, there was never any question of whether or not to buy Lizzie s book, so I m not exactly an impartial judge However, as a fan, I found it extremely engaging The book covers the start of Lizzie s cycling career, right through to recent events, offering insight to what was happening behind the scenes along the way.

  8. Peter Wheatley Peter Wheatley says:

    A well written book that highlights many of the difficulties facing women s cycling Her story should be an inspiration to men and women and it was good to get a clear statement over the missed tests which caused so much controversy before Rio In the circumstances it was incredible that she got to the start line given the pressure Thanks for telling your story.

  9. David D Hartley David D Hartley says:

    I am now unable to load this book on my Kindle e reader

  10. Everyday Person Everyday Person says:

    Overall, I enjoyed the book it sheds a much needed light into the world of women s cycling Lizzie is open and honest, especially in relation to her testing woes My only complaint is with the publisher editor a hardcover autobiography should not suffer numerous typos There were duplicated words, misspellings, and even apostrophes in the wrong places Shame on the publisher as this unfortunately reflects on the author.

  11. Matty Matty says:

    Lizzie tells a good tale of her life her lows, her highs, and reasons for her success on the bike I enjoyed it.

  12. Hayley Hayley says:

    Enjoyed it, behind the scenes look at a pro cyclist Details GB management inadequacies and sexism in the sport Great book