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Re live Falling Uphill with a new afterword that paints the journey in a new light that only time can tell If you could do anything, what would you do Falling Uphill is the story of one man s quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle In one week, Scott Stoll lost his job, his best friend, his girlfriend and his confidence Disillusioned with society, full of angst, suffering from depression and with nothing left to lose Stoll asked himself a question If I only have one life, one chance, if I could do anything, what would I do His answer resulted in a four year and , mile odyssey around the world by bicycle using nothing than a paper map as a guide Stoll searched for answers to the great mysteries of life, vowing to find happiness or die trying The quest wasn t easy He was imprisoned, held hostage, mugged, run over, suspected of terrorism, accused of espionage, nearly trampled by elephants, wounded, diseased, heartbroken he nearly died a dozen times But importantly, Stoll discovered the wonders of the world, kindness among strangers, the meaning of life, peace, love, faith and Yes in the last place left to look, he found happiness Re live and re imagine an archetypal adventure as a man stumbles through moments of pure survival and moments of pure enlightenment

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  1. Daniel Grimes Daniel Grimes says:

    Reading this book made me contemplate quitting my job 2 years ago whilst stuck in a bank It tells the story of Scott Stoll and his quest for happiness around the world on a bicycle He lost his job, his best friend, his girlfriend and his confidence all in one week and consequently thought If I only have one life, one chance, if I could do anything, what would I do So he cycled for 4 years clocking up 25,742 miles Amazing The set up of the book is quite unusual where each chapter is a question that citizens of the world have asked him along the way, serving as a metaphorical map for the spiritual path that he travelled the answers are his memoirs His simplistic philosophy of life is what draws me to it incredibly open with just a bicycle and a map.Best quote I ve had enough requited and unrequited romances to help me realise that the love I was missing was simply love for self or love for live, and that I was using lust or romantic love like an emotional supplement for my own being 100% recommend if you are just curious about other cultures or want to put your head in a book and escape your everyday 9 to 5 p.s I finally did quit and do my own bicycle tour

  2. Josh Josh says:

    It is a good book He really has cycled round the world and naturally has very interesting stories and experiences to share.I am having fun reading it but there are select moments that make me feel uncomfortable and they can be broken into two parts 1 A bit too overly philosophical in places It has some cool philosophy too that slides in very nicely but there are some irkish examples of pseudo philosophy that comes across as a bit too try hard.2 There are parts that make me think Sirry American Like really dumb MURIKUH moments It s part of the story and it s okay but I get the feeling that he maybe hasn t entirely dropped the pig headed attitude that can be found due to his countries nationalism Maybe I m being unfair but hey, it s only an opinion.STILL, it s good If you re thinking of buying it then do so Hopefully you ll enjoy it

  3. Geoff7 Geoff7 says:

    Great read, a bit self indulgent.I think there are other books that are beneficial to read if you are looking for guidance on a big trip.If you are looking to find out why you want to do tithes this is a good read.

  4. Ajsake Ajsake says:

    I was actually able to speak with Scott about his travels while preparing for my own I spoke with him as I was reading the book..a couple of years ago At first, I wasn t sure what to think of his writing style, and I felt it was a little slow It did pickup, however, and recharged my own dream of riding coast to coast If you want a great story regarding enlightenment, this is it On a bike Depressed, alone, and unsure I felt deeply connected to him, as I could relate as a human and a cyclist , to much of what he describes in this book It is well worth the read.Scott did ask me to write a review of the book, and he said he didn t care if it was good or bad He wanted an honest opinion I apologize that it took this long I was riding

  5. PJW PJW says:

    Morning LightIf you want a vicarious trip around the world delivered in verbal technicolor, this book will widen your horizons considerably about what is truly possible to survive on two wheels Scott Stoll writes with vivid detail and compelling philosophizing through all the ups and downs of the amazing adventures he pedaled through I kept having to try my best to keep my laughter in stern check whenever reading this in cafes here and there while on my own far humble and local bike meanderings I really wanted to break out in loud guffaws at Scott s very sharp recounting about how he used his wits to escape numerous daunting predicaments on his worldwide journey He is a character to beat all characters and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this honest look at the world I love reading about some of the great travelogues of other daring cyclists, and this holds up well Read it, laugh, and perhaps even weep.I hope this book finances Scott s next adventure so I can read that down the road

  6. Rick Rick says:

    arrived quickly Just as described.

  7. nez nez says:

    I had a hard time putting Falling Uphill down I was eager to find out what happened at the end, and whether the author found what he was looking for But like all good stories and all good adventures , the journey of both the reader and the author ends up being important than the destination The writing style makes it easy to imagine traveling next to the author as he bicycles around the world I was surprised the book wasn t written in chronological order, but I found this allowed me to enjoy the moments of enlightenment and development as the author recognized them, rather than just reading about a series of cultural adventures Falling Uphill challenged me to look at life from the author s perspective regarding what happiness is and how we achieve it, and kept me engaged in not only the whimsy and beauty of riding a bicycle around the world, but also the loss, frustration, and discomfort I highly recommend this book if you like to travel, if you are searching for meaning in your life, or if you need inspiration to follow a dream.

  8. daniel o connor daniel o connor says:

    A deep, honest and inspiring read I don t finish all the books I start to read, I couldn t wait to finish this and look forward to reading it again

  9. Christina M. Tapp Christina M. Tapp says:

    I am just finishing up this amazing book I am a touring cyclist myself who is obsessed with reading about the adventures of other touring cyclists and I ve read them all I thought I had anyway until I came across this little gem in my Kindle store a couple of weeks ago I read the sample and bought it immediately I couldn t believe that this book had escaped my searches until now.Stoll masterfully relates his experiences as he cycles around the world The reader is pulled immediately into the action, the tasteful dialogue, beautiful imagery and a healthy sense of humor And if that s all Stoll did, it would be a fantastic book But he takes it much deeper as he springboards from his experience into contemplations on the meaning of love, life, God, integrity, and his own existence This book has all the adventure of Barbara Savage s Miles From Nowhere , all the fun of Joe Kurmaskie s Metal Cowboy , the touching lonely romance of Dave Stamboulis Odysseus Last Stand PLUS a universality of thought that all three of those cycle touring classics lack I can t recommend this book highly enough NOTE Stoll divides his chapters by theme rather than time similar to the Metal Cowboy books I quite enjoyed Stoll s arrangement but a couple of the reviewers here seemed to miss the point Stoll provides a helpful map of his journey with a chapter key that allows his readers to read the book in chronological order if that is their preference.

  10. Christopher Gray Christopher Gray says:

    This book is uniquely written, with each chapter highlighting a particular experience on Scott s round the world trip that embodies the answer and reasoning behind questions people often asked him along the way This book is not written in chronological order, but instead arranges his stories to align with the spiritual realizations that underlies each section.Scott s personal tale is witty, humble, and often times funny Each successive chapter digs deeper into the mysteries of life and the human condition until we come full circle to the question that began the journey If you could do anything, what would you do