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To a Formula One driver, speed, wheel to wheel combat and danger are part of every Grand Prix But things turn sinister in Monaco when Remy Sabatino s car is sabotaged Then Remy s teammate suffers a highly suspicious life threatening crash Matt Straker, former Royal Marine and corporate intelligence director, is brought in to the team to investigate Under increasing pressure, he battles to protect its Formula One drivers as they try to race in the glamorous Grands Prix of the world, from Monza to Brazil Straker manages to uncover a malicious conspiracy these acts of sabotage are about far than manipulating the World Drivers Championship Commercial control of Formula One and the billions that flow through it are what s really at stake a prize so great the saboteurs will stop at nothing to get what they want Disclaimer This is a work of fiction All the characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the names, characters, or history of any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional Even when recognisable names appear, their actions are fictitious This book is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies F, Formula One, Formula , Fia Formula One World Championship, Grand Prix and related marks are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV

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  1. Kristin Davison Kristin Davison says:

    I picked this book up after seeing an advert for the author s second book, also set in the world of f1 I am a big fan of the sport and have been watching since before I could remember, I was excited to read a book set in this world.This book really gives the experience of being in the car with the driver, delivering heart pounding sequences It shows the atmosphere of the races and explains really well why people watch f1.It is an intriguing mystery with lots of twists and turns that you don t expect The whole story is frilling to the very end I loved how the author ended it.I love the inclusion of the fictional London grand prix, very detailed If you know London you can imagine it happen as she goes through the turns.I love that the driver is female because motor sports is a very male dominated world, and that the author includes information on real female drivers Most people aren t aware that there have been female drivers It is important that females are not denied the opportunity to work in or watch the sport merely because they are female This is something I feel very concerned about If you want to know about inspiring girls to go into motor racing have a look at the dare to be different website This story also highlights the impact of PTSD This is important to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of it and that it is not seen as a weakness to suffer from it Combat Stress is a charity that specifically focuses on veteran s mental health You can visit their website to find out about PTSD

  2. hugobombugo hugobombugo says:

    Brilliant.Utterly compelling.So exciting and the detail of the formula one intricacies aee a real eye opener.I met the author in the line of work and had no idea that he had written such an enthralling book.I m going to order the sequel.

  3. Howard Crosse Howard Crosse says:

    I took this book on holiday with me on a recent trip to Tuscany and couldn t put it down I absolutely loved it I must have appeared rude at times as often, after a day of sightseeing courtesy of my hosts, I would rush to my room to catch up on the story Nothing need be said this is a must for all those who enjoy a ripping yarn.Well done Toby brilliantly written and cleverly crafted My copy of Crash is on order and I really can t wait any pre publication copies going begging I predict a great future for you as a suspense writer right up there with the best of them

  4. Neil L Neil L says:

    I read Driven in four sessions I just couldn t put it down I have rated it 5 , simply because, unlike the hotel industry, books don t have the 7 option I would have certainly given the book 7 It Gives an eye opening insight into behind the scenes in F1 and matches it into a gripping story, bringing together a number of diverse characters The author clearly understands many aspects of the F1 industry as well as having an astonishing ability to put his knowledge of this into a can t put it down novel I loved every minute and sincerely hope that Mr Vintcent will write a sequel Just brilliant and a book to be recommended to everyone.

  5. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    I m not really an avid reader but my wife bought this for me to read on holiday I am a massive F1 fan so she thought I d enjoy it I was sceptical until I got to about the third page I was totally hooked I finished the book, thoroughly enjoying every single page I have just started the follow on Crash and again totally hooked.


    Whilst on a trip to Retromobile in Paris a couple of weeks ago, I read your book I was absolutely captivated and devoured it all in a couple of days A really great read and full of unexpected twists and turns a bit like the circuits Your description of Spa Francorchamps, which I have raced on several times, was really accurate and I had the scenery and track layout in my mind as you took us around Eau Rouge is truly awesome even if you don t have huge, sticky tyres and ground effects, it s still remarkably challenging for a lower powered car but with commensurately less grip Sure the other circuits were equally accurate Very well done I hope you might have a sequel in due course Might it be a film one day

  7. Loubylou Loubylou says:

    Fantastic read I quickly got totally hooked couldn t put it down I ve never been a follower of F1 but this book made the sport sound so exciting that I may take than a passing interest next year I loved the twists and turns of the storyline which kept you guessing right until the end Cannot wait to read about Matt Straker s next assignment Please don t keep us waiting too long Toby Vintcent, as I m missing him already Whether you are male or female this book is definitely worth a read.

  8. Cat Lover Cat Lover says:

    F1 fans will love it Story gives an unexpected insight into the imaginary machinations of formula one hopefully, this would never happen in reality, but the plot keeps you turning the page descriptive passages of every inch on the circuit gets a bit repetitive, but all in all a god motor racing book.

  9. John Davies John Davies says:

    A good read with a reasonable plot etc, a bit too much detail of the races which don t really add to the plot but do give a good description of the F1 theatre.

  10. Maximum Maximum says:

    Well written good insight into formula 1 racing behind the scenes

  11. Nathan Barber Nathan Barber says:

    As an avid racing fan it is great to find a book that pays tribute to the sport as well as this one does but is also a really good story and a fun read.

  12. Christine Christine says:

    Kept me up way to late cause I couldn t stop reading, had many story lines all going in one fun, exciting direction.

  13. lynnerse lynnerse says:

    Easy read, story kept me interested

  14. Bruce W Baiman Bruce W Baiman says:

    excellent especially for petrolheads good story line and technical racing portions.

  15. mysteries-detectives.co Customer mysteries-detectives.co Customer says:

    Loved it When is the sequel