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From the number one New York Times best selling author of A Good Walk Spoiled, a dramatic chronicle of the bitterly foughtRyder Cup pitting a US team out for revenge against the Europeans determined to keep the cup out of American hands Coming into , the Americans had lost an astounding six out of the last seven Ryder Cup matches, and tensions were running high for the showdown that took place in Octoberin Hazeltine, Minnesota, just days after American legend Arnold Palmer had died What resulted was one of the most raucous and heated three days in the cup s long history Award winning author John Feinstein takes listeners behind the scenes, providing an inside view of the dramatic stories as they unfolded veteran Phil Mickelson s two year roller coaster as he upended the American preparation process and helped assemble a superb team superstar Rory McIlroy becoming the clear cut emotional leader of the European team and his reasons for wanting to beat the US team so badly this time around the raucous matches between McIlroy and American Patrick Reed resulting in both incredible golf and several moments that threatened to come to blows the return of Tiger Woods not as a player but an assistant captain and his obsession with helping the US win which was never the case when he was playing John Feinstein s classic best seller, A Good Walk Spoiled, set the bar for golf books Now Feinstein provides his unique take on the Ryder Cup, which has clearly become golf s most intense and emotional eventit s first Major A must read for anyone interested in Ryder Cup golf, and in particular the 2016 event Feinstein does a great job showing how this event is so different from any of the Majors from the players perspective The book is full of interesting anecdotes, insights into the players thinking, etc Unfortunately, it is also crammed full of trivial, uninteresting information that makes it seem like Feinstein is trying to prove how much detailed research he did And disappointing, one of the key elements of the 2016 Ryder Cup was the effort known as the Ryder Cup Committee aka the Task Force which seemed to be such a crucial element in the planning and subsequent success of the American team, not to mention laying the groundwork for subsequent Ryder Cup teams, was given pretty short shrift in light of its importance Nonetheless, this is a good book worth reading. Feinstein labels the Ryder Cup as The First Major in acknowledgment of its intensity, drama, and stature And his book describes and conveys these attributes marvellously well.While his book is about the 2016 contest it also provides a short, albeit excellent, history of the Ryder Cup In describing various Ryder Cups, and 2016 especially, Feinstein manages to capture the key moments, and personalities, very well.Most individuals come out of the book very positively with some, like Love and McIlroy, this might be expected but with others, such as Bubba Watson who comes across very well, perhaps surprisingly but one who certainly doesn t is Mickelson who is repeatedly shown to be self absorbed, very high maintenance, and a whinger whose every loss in his poor Ryder Cup record is supposedly the fault of someone else.Feinstein provides a compelling and, from my European perspective, very fair minded account of the Ryder Cup A marvellous read. I have been reading this authors work for the last 20 odd years and his quality never drops This is the inside story of the 2016 Ryder Cup, and is told in Feinstein s classic reportage style A must for all golf fans, but anybody with a liking for a good story will enjoy this book. feinstein is a brilliant chronicler of golf, another fine addition to his impressive body of work.