How to Play Field Hockey (Audio Download): HowExpert Press, Sohaib Khan, Tom Jaramillo, HowExpert: Audible Audiobooks kindle pdf –

This book gives a basic explanation of the skills required for field hockey It would definitely have benefitted from decent editorial proof reading before being published Some of the skills explanations are disjointed or incomplete, and don t read well. Field hockey is a great outdoor sport if you want to keep fit and agile To learn how to play field hockey, get this step by step guide for beginners In How to Play Field Hockey, you will Keep yourself fit and healthy by learning how to play field hockey Introduce yourself to the basics of field hockey and the rules of the game Know the history and origin of field hockey Learn some excellent hockey techniques like passing the ball, offense, and defense Increase your knowledge about field hockey and the current international tournaments in field hockey Learn how to play specialized shots like penalty corner and penalty stroke through a step by step process Learn to become a good team player by playing hockey Socialize by bringing your friends, and learn the techniques explained here by practicing with them Develop an excellent approach for playing field hockey This audiobook is an excellent guide for beginners in field hockey like young boys and girls It will also help young and aspiring professional hockey players to learn the difficult techniques of field hockey How to Play Field Hockey stands out from other coaching materials by starting with the basics of field hockey and then taking you to the medium to professional level Every chapter is structured to teach you field hockey with a step by step approach