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This book works in a big way.after reading this book and playing in a local tournament I played my best round of competitive golf in years..putts were finding the bottom of the cup like old times.Thanks to Dr Fuller and Goodbye Bogeys One of the foremost problems for golfers is the mental game When the golfer s mind is in a good spot the best mental zone , the game improves The score suffers when a golfer s focus turns off and thoughts slide out of control Learning the mental game improves confidence and play greatly This book teaches a workable technique that allows each golfer to reach and maintain their best mental zone Nearly everyone has hyperfocus in certain situations Golfers already possess this gift of focused concentration Without this gift, it is impossible to even advance a golf ball The role of Goodbye Bogeys is to transform this focus into a consistent and reproducible mental zone In other words, enhance this neglected, longstanding trait into an automatic skill Goodbye Bogeys builds confidence Goodbye Bogeys shuts out distractions Goodbye Bogeys fine tunes the ability to keep only proper thoughts and positive vibes in mind during the swing Goodbye Bogeys calls for brief self reflection after shots This powerful script enables any golfer to tune into their inner strength and to trust themselves on the course during play The best mental zone develops over time Periodic booster sessions maintain success Its mystery is simple Goodbye Bogeys needs to be a natural, automatic part of the golfer s unconscious mental life Goodbye Bogeys does not try to fix swing mechanics Please go to a swing instructor to improve setup fundamentals, to hone swing mechanics, to correct flaws, to learn distance control, to strike the ball better, to putt consistently, and the like This book improves mental performance