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Random House presents the audiobook edition of All American Murder by James Patterson, read by Peter Coleman Includes a PDF of bonus material Aaron Hernandez was a college football All American who became the youngest player in the NFL and later reached the Super Bowl He was a star on the league dominant New England Patriots, who extended his contract for a recordmillion Hernandez s every move as a professional athlete played out in the headlines, yet he led a secret life one that ended in a maximum security prison What drove him to go so wrong so fast Hernandez was the best athlete Connecticut s Bristol Central High had ever produced But by the time he arrived at University of Florida, he was already courting trouble As his fame grew and he joined the NFL, trouble followed him Between the summers ofand , Hernandez was linked to a series of violent incidents culminating in the death of Odin Lloyd, a semipro American football player who dated the sister of Hernandez s fianc e All American Murder is the first book to fully investigate the shocking story of Aaron Hernandez from his meteoric rise in the world of American football to his first degree murder conviction and the mystery of his own untimely death Drawing on original, in depth reporting, this is an explosive account of a life cut short in the dark shadow of fame PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our desktop site

13 thoughts on “All-American Murder (Audio Download): James Patterson, Peter Coleman, Random House Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. MFB MFB says:

    Enjoyable read Highly recommend it for a quick read at the airport or on a plane Aaron Hernandez is a fascinating character, the trials read like a movie The only real criticism is the many grammatical mistakes or typos were very noticeable kindle version.Can t wait for the movie it really has Hollywood written all over my only advice expose the NFL for the money hungry business it is, make sure CTE is explored and explained I know CTE doesn t exonerate violence but the cases have been piling up let s talk about it instead of fluffing it up

  2. geoff church geoff church says:

    Totally from the normal Paterson I know nothing about American football or who this person was, Paterson keeps it moving and to the point and makes it an unputdownable read Excellent.

  3. SB SB says:

    If you like books that combine sports stars, celebrity status, murder, current affairs, social commentary that in fact are factual stories then this book is for you I knew nothing of A Hernandez or his life story before I read this book but thoroughly enjoyed and found fascinating his story and the tragic twists of fate that caused such devastation to so many people A tragic but gripping life story told excellently by the author Definitely recommend.

  4. Ben G Ben G says:

    A well drawn story on the rise and fall of Hernandez Definitely should be read by all However, I did think that the author made certain assumptions about Hernandez in a slightly heavy handed way, which detracted a little from the overall narrative.

  5. sospanite37 sospanite37 says:

    as always with James Patterson books he holds you spellbound

  6. Debbiep Debbiep says:

    I usually really enjoy James Patterson but unfortunately I found this boring and full of filler detail about american football that was often just padding James Patterson seems to put his name on anything these days Sad.

  7. jane jane says:

    Good product, very good value for money and excellent quality Would definitely buy this again.

  8. Davewill Davewill says:

    Not very interesting for me as I know very little about American football or its terms and player requirements

  9. Kitabi Keeda Kitabi Keeda says:

    All American Murder is the story of Aaron Hernandez, an NFL pro league player with deep psychological issues Anyone who follows NFL is sure to know his name Aaron was drafted by the New England Patriots and played for three successful seasons as the team s tight end This book gives the readers a peek into the life of the former, really talented and successful for as long as it could last NFL player.One can google and find Aaron s entire life history there, but reading this well written book is gripping than all the stories on the internet I must confess, I am no fan of American Football, but this book got me reading and trying to understand the game, although I still can t say I fully understand it I found this book from the Goodreads Awards nominations in the non fiction category.The book starts with Aaron s background and his early life It was not easy to ignore Aaron he stood tall and was well built It was no wonder that he was so good at what he did both in football and basketball The book describes the young Aaron, his struggles and his relationship with his family members His father s sudden death changed life as he knew it He made one bad decision after another, started hanging out with the wrong crowd.As you read the book, you start to notice all the red flags There were signs throughout that we, as readers, tend to notice Having shot to fame at a very young age, Aaron had an impression that he was untouchable Given his fame and money, he believed that he was above the law There were changes in his behaviour he became aggressive and depressed Many a people came forward to help Aaron and began guiding him down a path of recovery, but that didn t last long He resorted to violence and committed crimes that went unnoticed.The last part of the book is all about how Aaron is finally convicted for all the crimes that he committed and ends with Aaron taking his own life It is a sad tale but sadder are the stories of his victims If you like reading true crime based books, I would recommend reading All American Murder.

  10. Irene Howard Irene Howard says:

    It amazes me how he got away with it for so long He was a most interesting character The ending blew me away as I never followed football and had no idea.

  11. Bonnie Britstone Bonnie Britstone says:

    It kept me interested until the end

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Very interesting story and tragic at the same time Such a waste.

  13. Customer Customer says:

    What a sad story and waste of talent.