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Second Edition Tired from going abroad on holiday and realizing just how little he knew about the country he lived in, Sean decided to take a month off, buy a bike, and cycle the iconic Land s End to John O Groats, solo and unsupported Sean faced cold nights in, wet days out, and nearly a month of his own thoughts while he had the adventure of a lifetime cycling through Britain Every adventure cyclist needs to cycle around Britain There is just so much to experience If I had not done this ride then I probably wouldn t be where I am today

11 thoughts on “Land's End to John O'Groats: The Ride That Started It All (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Sean Conway, John York, Sean Conway: Audible Audiobooks

  1. jules000 jules000 says:

    I have had this book for quite a while, and as normal I buy books and they get left on the shelf, but decided today would be the day when I start to read and to learn about adventures and have to say am so glad I did, 7 hours later and have just finished it, it has to be the first book ever that I have read non stop from cover to cover, that s not to say it is a short book I just didn t want to put it down As someone who cycles and has been put off for a while by the negative stories of some cyclists and not knowing where I fit into the cycling world, it is so refreshing to read such a down to earth book from a down to earth guy cyclist, who just cycled to achieved a dream of cycling from one end of the country to the other It is an engaging read and I really liked the random thinking when cycling and am so glad I am not the only one who does this It has given me a renewed outlook on my own cycling journeys and has washed away all the negative conversations I have had with others who would rather just tell you the bad side so you don t see it as an easy thing to do, like they are doing you some kind of favour by being so negative I love how this book was written, it has made me realise that my future cycling adventure journeys are not anyone else s journey but they are will be my own and and no cyclist has the same journey, so what if i can t cycle well, so what if I have to walk up the hills to start with I always felt like such a failure when I couldn t get up a hill This book has given me such a down to earth outlook on cycling that it has inspired me to get my bike out of the shed and get back on it again and get out there and make my own adventures Thank you Sean Conway for such a brilliant book which has inspired someone in later life to begin her journeys again, am planning my first 1000 mile cycle across country UK next year 2016 just as a starter Will also be finding myself a little mascot to keep me amused as loved the Little flying cow, think mine will have to be a monkey.

  2. bookreader bookreader says:

    I am not a long distance, nor even short distance cyclist I bought this book because I had previously read Hell and High Water which I thoroughly enjoyed and as I find Sean s blogs and tweets very entertaining, I thought I would see what this book was like and I wasn t disappointed.This was a definite feel good book from start to finish It regularly had me laughing out loud, especially the conversations he had with LFC, they were hilarious I am really going to be careful reading any of Sean s books on the bus as I am starting to get some funny looks laughing at 7 30 in a morning on a work day I really like Sean s writing style, he could almost be sitting in the pub talking about his adventures over a pint I particularly liked Sean s approach to the adventure in that it wasn t his intention to break any records, it was about learning about the British countryside and having a good time and meeting people As with his other book it was really lovely to read about the people he met who made things easier for him and were supportive, whether it was free food, donations to his charity or being smuggled into somewhere to sleep.Sean s observations and descriptions of the people he met were really entertaining as were his running battle with the elements and the fun he had camping with his tiny tent He certainly is a hardy, determined soul and having read this book I can understand why it was such a life changing journey for him.I can t wait to read Sean s book about his run from JOG to LE, I am sure that it will be another excellent read.

  3. matt matt says:

    Yes, there are quite a few grammatical mistakes throughout the book as Sean himself admits he is responsible for these as he carried out the admin on this book but the warm hearted enthusiasm of the author shines above all of this to create a heart felt and enjoyable read His following books just get better and better so I urge you to read on

  4. Ann Ann says:

    Land s End to John O Groats The ride that started it allwhat a lovely story to read, you take the journey with the author.a very hard to put down book, and well worth the money.You share his thoughts and feelings as he rides, on the high roads and byeways, what the places are like and nearly getting blown off the road by gusts from passing lorries.Fantastic price and lots of pages to read.only one tiny gripe I did get a little cheesed off with his conversing with little cow..But overall very happy with book.

  5. Mr. J. J. Crawford Mr. J. J. Crawford says:

    Not a bad read, but not an outstanding one either I understand his next book is much better in writing style Its a nice story that I could relate too as a cyclist who camps but there were a few typo s and the conversations with a stuffed cow wore a bit thin for me personally Is it worth reading, yes, I think it is It just could of been so much better though.

  6. The Lurker The Lurker says:

    badly written not compelling cycling reading not really about the bike, or cycling, the stuff in between written by a student and sounds like it

  7. louiseandmike@netscapeonline.co.uk louiseandmike@netscapeonline.co.uk says:

    Was very disappointed as very poorly written I did wonder if it was aimed at children a few times Obviously not aimed at me

  8. circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer circuitwiringdiagram.co Customer says:

    Not much use if you want to plan your own trip Not a skilled writer Poor grammer Printed by , who will print anything There are a lot of better cycling books out there, written by people who have a bit of skill.

  9. Enz Enz says:

    After reading World Cycling Stripped Bare I was really looking forward to dive into Sean Conway s new book and I must say it really satisfied all my expectations.Very smooth and enjoyable reading HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Enz

  10. Gregory Gregory says:

    Anyone can have an adventure and you can do it in your own backyard with very little.Sean Conway has motivated me so much, that it get out and run 3 or times a week.Just get off the couch and get outside, get busy living and loving life This is a genuine, salt of the earth, honest account.Very hard to put down.Give it a read you will be inspired

  11. Liz K. Liz K. says:

    Sean Conway has a great way of sharing his journey that makes you laugh while staying intrigued to see what adventure will pop up next.