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Narrated by Peter Berkrot, an award winning narrator, but perhaps best known for his feature role as caddy Angie D Annunzio in Caddyshack This is a tough, sharp history of comedy and competitiveness, of rising stars and brilliant upstarts Of difficult egos, awful behavior, fragile friendships, bursts of inspiration, and blizzards of cocaine told by the survivors and shaped by Chris Nashawaty s welcome insight and perspective Mark Harris, New York Times best selling author of Pictures at a Revolution and Five Came Back Caddyshack is one of the most beloved comedies of all time, a classic snobs vs slobs story of working class kids and the white collar buffoons that make them haul their golf bags in the hot summer sun It has sex, drugs, and one very memorable candy bar, but the movie we all know and love didn t start out that way, and everyone who made it certainly didn t have the word classic in mind as the cameras were rolling In Caddyshack The Making of a Hollywood Cinderella Story, film critic for Entertainment Weekly Chris Nashawaty goes behind the scenes of the iconic film, chronicling the rise of comedy s greatest deranged minds as they form The National Lampoon, turn the entertainment industry on its head, and ultimately blow up both a golf course and popular culture as we know it Caddyshack is at once an eye opening narrative about one of the most interesting, surreal, and dramatic film productions there s ever been and a rich portrait of the biggest and most revolutionary names in Hollywood So, it s got that going for itwhich is nice

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  1. Peter McGee Peter McGee says:

    You know, I ve often thought of becoming a golf clubAs other reviewers have stated previously, this book really transplants the reader to a different era in American cinema A different era in American culture, even Nashatawy neatly sews together the various happenings that led to the creation of Caddyshack and offers a fascinating insight into the ins and outs of the production of one of the craziest films ever unleashed on the world With fascinating quotes from stars and production personnel scattered throughout, even the staunchest Caddyshack obsessive will discover a lot from this book As other reviewers have noted, you may struggle to put the book down as you flip from page to page.This book isn t just for Caddyshack aficionados Anyone with an interest in the history of American comedy, the 1970s, liberal drug consumption or anything like that should consider this book a must read.

  2. Mr. Simon N. Halkyard Mr. Simon N. Halkyard says:

    I enjoyed it, I did expect though and it did not deliver on all points Some cool and interesting stuff about Chase and Murray Certainly good to see such a cult classic by its own book, expectations maybe too high as I love the film so much.

  3. Toddro Toddro says:

    As a pretty big fan of Caddyshack my initial impression after finishing the book was that I did not really learn anything that I hadn t read from other sources As another reviewer noted, it really focuses on the history and downfall of Doug Kenney Watch the bonus footage on the DVD and you will already learn a lot of the stories For example, Bill and Chevy didn t get along the caddies story was pretty much cut from the film as the stars performances were so strong that they had to use the gopher to piece together funny scenes Ramis was basically learning on the job I was hoping to hear some obscure things about the production I watched A Futile And Stupid Gesture on Netflix before I read this book, and really it covers the same material.

  4. mattrock mattrock says:

    Amazing how an incredibly dysfunctional and out of control crew from the actors to director and everyone in between came off the cutting room floor with such an iconic movie A very fun and incredible read.

  5. MFortGarry MFortGarry says:

    A great read This is way than a telling of the making of a movie, but traces the characters through Second City, National Lampoon, SNL, Animal House Well told, very informative..

  6. Chris Angelucci Chris Angelucci says:

    This is an amazing book with plenty of behind the scenes stories of the stars, creators and making of one of the funniest movies ever,If you are a fan of the movie, or of any of the stars, this book shows the party and struggles of putting this movie together,

  7. Birdieeagle Birdieeagle says:

    First half of book is about the National Lampoon and founders

  8. bobbo bobbo says:

    Enjoyable insight into the making of one of the greatest movies ever produced Director Harold Ramis was a genius and is very much missed.

  9. Larry Pearson Larry Pearson says:

    First class

  10. Francois Menard Francois Menard says:

    Great inside look at one of the most hilarious comedies of all time

  11. Customer Customer says:

    Great read Laughed alot

  12. Lowell Francis Lowell Francis says:

    I pre ordered this book months ago and devoured it when it arrived Tuesday Caddyshack s the first adult comedy I remember going to the theater to see maybe not the best pick for an eleven year old A family friend and her younger brother took me to a raucous, packed Friday evening show I loved it, everyone loved It played well here in the Midwest and later when it would come on cable I d watch it again and again.Which is why it s so surprising that it got such a tepid response at first I hadn t how it related to the sea change that came from Animal House, or how it fit next to the other big comedy blockbusters of that year The Blues Brothers and Airplane Nashawaty does an amazing job providing context He spends solid time looking at the evolution of the filmmakers from Harvard Lampoon to National Lampoon to Second City to SNL When we get to the production of the movie proper he provides an amazing behind the scenes with the crew, cast, and hangers on.But he smartly tempers that with his discussion of the rivalries, painful relationships, and excesses of the production He gives us a keen sense of emotions and human cost involved, spending a good deal of time talking about the tragedy of Doug Kenney The book s smartly structured, a pleasure to read, and the author has great descriptions and excellent turns of phrase A great read.

  13. Rick Spell Rick Spell says:

    The Making of a Loveable Movie Starting at Harvard then the National Lampoon then Animal House and finally Caddyshack how a small group of people, many SNL castmembers and original castmembers, make an average movie that is immortalized forever to those who laughed our way through the viewing Great stories of Chevy Chase looking at it from a different perspective now And Bill Murray shows his true improvisation capabilities Pond or Pool per Chevy Chase in a totally improvised scene.How did Rodney Dangerfield steal the show and Harold Ramis as a neophyte director who early and in editing almost ruined the movie But really this book is about Doug Kenney Don t know who he is Well look him up And if you ever need to lead a band in to a deadend alley, he s your guy.

  14. QUOKKA_54 QUOKKA_54 says:

    I started reading this when I saw it in the New book section of the Huntington Beach library I bought the kindle within 10 minutes since it seemed like it d be a great read, and thankfully for my won lost count of The Books That Burned Me of The Purchase Price by having only a good review written for it, it is you usually know within a few minutes reading whether a book will resonate, or not It s one of those things that are impossible to define or predict that every reader just knows after reading a while and this book did that for me.The author shows great skill in writing this book in that somehow he makes every character in this book seem relevant and important, however small part they play in the story Even if you are not particularly interested in the story of the movie, the skillful way the narrative unfolds happens in a way that never stops being a real page turner from beginning to end.I haven t been able to put this book down the author Chris Nashawaty is my favorite kind of author He introduces the players one by one almost everyone who was involved in the production from the late Doug Kenney to the minor actors from the production and of course, Bill Murray himself and manages to get new, interesting stories and quotes from everyone And every person the author turns his attention to, he makes them stand out in some meaningful way, and does it in a consistently entertaining style.My only complaint about this book is it should have been longer I didn t want to stop reading

  15. Tom from LA Tom from LA says:

    I probably saw Caddyshack on HBO at some point in the early 1980 s at my parents house At the time, I probably thought it was amusing, but not being a golfer, I might have felt like an outsider watching it.As my career progressed into corporate management, and I was mentored by those a generation older than me, playing golf became essential Sometime in my 30 s, I started playing badly , but I got hooked I m in my 60 s now, and golf has become one of my passions Thanks to the tutoring and incredible patience of some local golf pros, I can say that my golf game is one of the the few things that s improved as I ve gotten older A great round puts me in a fine mood, but a bad round can put me in a funk for a few hours, and send me back to the driving range looking for fixes.With my love affair with the game has come a greater appreciation for the movie Caddyshack I probably watch the movie at least once a year, and find laughs each time I watch it It has definitely moved up the list of my all time favorite movies.Because of this, I purchased Chris Nashawaty s book, and it was way better than I expected This is a book about comedy and humor in the Baby Boomer era, starting with Doug Kenney and Henry Beard as creative leaders at Harvard Lampoon in the 1960 s, which led to them starting National Lampoon in the 1970s Joining with their colleague, Robert Hoffman and the executive guidance of publisher, Matty Simmons, the magazine thrived, but also spawned some of the best comic creative minds of the last half of the 20th Century Christopher Guest of Spinal Tap fans worked there, as did many of the original Saturday Night Live cast members I was in college when Kenney s first masterpiece, Animal House, was released, and at the time, I thought this was the most hilarious movie I had ever seen.Moving chronologically, Chris Nashawaty then gives a behind the scenes view of the hype and expectation that went into the making of Caddyshack.This movie almost was a hot mess, but thanks to creative editing, rework and a solid soundtrack, it s become a timeless golf classic comedy It spawned a new career in film for Rodney Dangerfield, remains one of Chevy Chase and Bill Murray s better films and they didn t even like each other and added new lexicon to the game of golf Sadly, Doug Kenney, who was one of the main creative forces behind the film thought it a total failure Nashawaty notes that Kenney had a big substance abuse problem cocaine which did not help his despondency Shortly after the movie opened to mixed reviews, Kenney was found at the bottom of a cliff in Kauai, dead at the age of 33 Whether suicide or falling by accident remains unknown However, Nashawaty captures the long shadow Kenney cast in the world of humor during this time which continues to this day One need not be a golfer or fan of the game to enjoy this book.