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When life turns up the heat, you have two choices You can bend and break, or you can step boldly into the furnace and let your soul catch fire Into The Furnace explores the inner workings of bravery, hope, and passion These themes are framed against the backdrop of the Badwater Ultramarathon amile race across the hottest place on the planet, Death Valley Cory Reese has walked into the furnace He has faced adversity, both in running and in life His book captures the essence of what it means to suffer, what it means to persevere, and ultimately, what it means to create a life of clarity and purpose

11 thoughts on “Into the Furnace: How a 135 Mile Run Across Death Valley Set My Soul on Fire (Audio Download): Cory Reese, Cory Reese, Luke Thoreson, Cory Reese: Audible Audiobooks

  1. nicholas daniels nicholas daniels says:

    A great read covering the author s attempt at the Badwater 135, along with some history of the event and the some of the crossings of Death Valley attempted during the 19th century Worth a read, but it won t make you want to sign up for the race

  2. Jon Steele Jon Steele says:

    I have read a lot of Running books over the years and I would put this book into my top 10 favourites.

  3. RM RM says:

    Another hit book by Cory I just love the way he described his pain and turmoils in a fun filled humorous way and yet getting his point across motivating and inspiring others that it s not unimaginable and unattainable I have read a lot of books by elite athletes and while I love all the knowledge that they have to share, it s Cory s books that provide the motivation to middle of the pack back of the pack runners like me to go on, not be intimidated by what the offer stronger and faster runners are accomplishing What makes it special is that he is one of us with a full time job, family to attend to and then his second job training for the ultra I read his first book just before my first 100k and it helped me get over all my doubts and fears

  4. Karl Mohan Karl Mohan says:

    Another good book by Cory Well written and funny at times A little time editing may have made some parts shorter, but nonetheless a good read for non competitive runners who just love the run

  5. globalgamble globalgamble says:

    Another hit by Cory He has such a fun writing style, keeps the pages turning The correlation story he tells about William Manly s incredible story from 1849 was brilliant I bought Manly s book and read it Manly reminds me very much of Ernest Shackleton, for sure cut from the same cloth Who knows, maybe Shack was inspired by Manlywho wouldn t be after reading his story Cory really outdid himself this time I m anxiously awaiting his next book

  6. Travis Swicegood Travis Swicegood says:

    Absolutely loved this history and personal recounting of Badwater Having the story told by someone who s in there to finish, not podium, was great So many stories are awe inspiring, but in a way that doesn t even seem approachable This story feels like it s told by someone I d share a drink with as we marvel over the super human feats of the pros.

  7. Kirk McMorris Kirk McMorris says:

    I enjoyed Cory s first book because I love race reports and his are well written As an ultra runner much less ultra than Cory and a wannabe writer, I could see myself writing similar reports Into The Furnace is a whole new level The weaving of the history with his story of running and pacing Edd who I have also seen at several races is captivating and inspiring I am inspired to write , maybe no to run .

  8. susan alexander susan alexander says:

    Just finished Cory Reese s new book Into the Furnace I loved it even than his first book, Nowhere Near First My take away from the first book was his love of running and the running community and that shines as brightly in Into the Furnace What set this book apart for me was it s grounding in the history of Death Valley and the early explorers and survivors And above all the call to stubbornness I ve been called stubborn my whole life and not always in a complimentary way But in this book stubbornness is celebrated

  9. TJJ TJJ says:

    For anyone interested in the physical and emotional journey into the unknown, I highly recommend this book I especially appreciated the history provided of the fathers of the Badwater Cory s writing style is humble, engaging and captivating all at the same time As a recreational runner non ultra runner , it amazes me how someone can find the courage to push the envelope of endurance Its inspiring I anxiously wait for his next book,

  10. AgentRusco AgentRusco says:

    I really enjoy Cory Reese He s funny and down the earth and relatable Even though I will never but really never run this race, I loved reading about his journey About the teams of people who undergo a lot of rough treatment to do a thing that sounds supremely unpleasant I also loved the history he added Definitely worth the read.

  11. T. Miller T. Miller says:

    Cory does a great job of making you feel like you re there in the adventure with him Loved this book and loved his last one, too