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From the number one best selling author of This Town comes a thrillingly raw and hysterical account of the billionaires, crooks, charlatans and scoundrels that own and run the NFL American Football with its celebrity players, billionaire owners, and cheerleaders with flawless teeth is American than apple pie Which is why celebrated New York Times journalist Mark Leibovich has chosen football as the vehicle through which to examine the troubled state of Trump s America Big Game chronicles a four year odyssey that has taken Leibovich deeper inside the NFL than anyone has gone before From the owners meeting to the draft to the sidelines of crucial games, he takes in the show at the elbow of everyone from Tom Brady to big name owners to the cordially despised NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell Ultimately, this is a story of what may come to be seen as peak football the high point of the sport s economic success and cultural dominance, but also the moment when the dark side began to show It is an era of explosive revenue growth, as deluxe new stadiums spring up all over the country, but also one of creeping existential fear Football was never thought to be easy on the body players joke darkly that the NFL stands for not for long for good reason but as the true impact of concussions become inescapable background noise, it s become increasingly difficult to enjoy the simple glory of football without the buzzkill of its obvious consequences And that was before Donald Trump In , the NFL slammed headlong into America s culture wars Big Game is a journey through an epic storm Through it all, Leibovich always keeps one eye on Tom Brady and his beloved Patriots, through to theSuper Bowl Pro football, this hilarious and enthralling book proves, may not be the sport America needs, but it is most definitely the sport it deserves It is true that Leibovich is too much of a Patriots fan, but he is open about his fandom His book is a look behind the curtain of the NFL, and it is frightening The League is united in denying the facts concerning concussions, the problems with PED s and the physical abuse of partners by the players It has yet to understand the underlying reasons that the players take a knee during the National Anthem But, it is highly concerned with making another dollar, in any manner that it can And, it wants to tightly control all information coming out of the League Of course, it s main goal is to control all commercialization of the League This was an interesting, if too lengthy book. This is a weird book as it appears the author really doesn t like the NFL There is a lot of whining about how rich people are making obscene amounts of money by buying the teams for obscene amounts of money and how players are getting concussed I think these points are both reasonably obvious It s mildly interesting but as an NFL fan I don t really see the point If you re not an NFL fan I see even less of one. Cooler than thou political writer takes a look at the NFL the result is some incredibly soft details Brady is vacant owners are self serving The commissioner is a soulless corporate hack the whole thing is very dated, as someone new to football insists on telling the reader about how the Colts came to Indy and a fairly useless rehash of deflategate On top of it all the writing dreary and yo editor how about knock out some of the useless detail that liter this thing do we really care what Brady is wearing He even walks us through going to his first game, with predictably dull results and the tone quickly goes from insider to snotty condescension nothing to see here other than another watching a fairly pedestrian writer discover the game like he s the first guy to write about things even a mild football fan would know like the back of his her hand oh, and a brutally boring read. This had far to do with the New England Patiots Tom Brady, than anticipated Its a well written book and an enjoyable read but the expectation was that there would be information shared regarding the entire league than 1 team specifically.