download Textbooks One Magical Sunday: But Winning Isn't Everything (Audio Download): Phil Mickelson, Phil Mickelson, Amy Mickelson, Amanda Mickelson, Sophia Mickelson, Renee McBride, Gary McBride, Donald T. Phillips, Hachette Audio: Audible Audiobooks By Phil Mickelson –

Every year, he came so close only to fall short Every year, the dream grew larger, only to fade away Yet every year, his gallery of fans grew in support of his quest Then, on April for the most beloved golfer of the decade, everything changed It is a moment ingrained in the hearts and minds of millions, a moment of epic triumph and destiny fulfilled that will be remembered for the ages But for Phil Mickelson, winning theMasters was merely another step in an odyssey that began many years ago Born into a sporting family, with a putter drawn on his birth announcement, Phil knew early on that golf would always be his passion His parents embraced and nurtured that dream, but they taught him that winning isn t everything In One Magical Sunday, Phil Mickelson takes us on a magical journey inside a life few have seen up close, but a life whose lessons can be cherished forever As we travel hole by hole through that triumphant Sunday at the Masters, Phil looks back at the influences that made him the man he is today his mom and dad, who mentored him on the balance between family and golf his wife, Amy, who has given him so much happiness and fulfillment and their three children, who remain their top priority With personal insights from Phil s family, One Magical Sunday is an audiobook not only for Phil s millions of fans, but for everyone who finds inspiration in learning about a champion on and off the course

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  1. S. FENNY S. FENNY says:

    This is never going to win any prizes but it is certainly a pleasant easy read The style takes a little getting used to but you soon start making the links between the story of winning the Masters, the historical flashbacks and the supporting comments from friends and family It really captures the essence of Phil Mickelson and I think its fair to say if you like Phil, you will enjoy this book.

  2. Dave Knowles Dave Knowles says:

    This is one of the best reads ever It gives a great insight not only into Phils first major win but also into his early life and upbringing I would highly recommend it to all golf fans.

  3. Katester Katester says:

    I could not put this book down a great read from start to finish a 10 out of 10 from me

  4. Stewart Birse Stewart Birse says:

    This is a magnificent story of Phil M s win at the Masters, a win that had eluded him for all of his long career The story itself, shot by shot, is gripping enough but there are just too many breaks consisting of either recollections from the past or comments from family members I enjoyed the commentary on his golf play and had it all been included in a systematic biography or autobiography I would have enjoyed it far As it was it was like watching a great film on TV which was continually interspersed with adverts However, I was happy to read of his great and well deserved victory.

  5. Iain Iain says:

    Great book

  6. ursula duke ursula duke says:

    Great story I love the way the book was written Phil s life is incorporated in the 18 holes of golf A must read for any golf enthusiast If you re not a Mickelson fan now, you will be after your read this book

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  8. Matt Papuchis Matt Papuchis says:

    It s rare that an athlete or to be specific, an athlete s accomplishment can capture the attention and hearts of an entire nation But that is exactly what happened on that April day in 2004, that One Magical Sunday when the entire country became enthralled with the left handed lovable loser from San Diego.I am not sure what it is about Phil Mickelson that earned the love and respect of nearly every golf fan, and in this book, Mickelson wonders the same thing There is something about us as Americans that makes us root for the underdog the Rocky Balboas, the Boston Redsoxes, and the Phil Mickelsons of the world seem to epitomize everything that is America the belief that dreams can come true, even in the face of adversity And as quaint as that may sound, those beliefs come to life in this book.This book takes us on a roller coaster ride of all 18 final holes at Augusta National, but much than that, this is a story of a man who truly feels he is blessed to have the love and support of his family so than a major championship.Sprinkled between a play by play recap of the final round of the 2004 Master s, are little anecdotes about Phil s life from his childhood in San Diego through his college years at ASU through the birth of his three children, we become privy to a world of Phil Mickelson that most of us never knew, and we get to meet the people who helped shape Phil s life and influence him the most from his parents to his college golf coach to his wife and kids.The result You walk away liking the guy even than you already did, which is no small feat considering how much he was admired to begin with This is a quick read and a real gem for golf fans and anyone who loves a great story of an underdog s triumph.