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The inspirational story of the female motorsport pioneer who broke through the gender barrier to compete in and win some of the most iconic rallies in the world Rosemary Smith is recognised internationally for her outstanding achievements in the world of motorsport A female pioneer in a notoriously male dominated sport, she drove in the Monte Carlo rally eight times, winning the Coupe des Dames on numerous occasions as well as competing in most other iconic rallies all over the world, including the London to Sydney in , the World Cup London to Mexico inand the East African Safari Rally in the s In a Hillman Imp, Rosemary won the Tulip Rally outright, beating all the male drivers to the finish Now, for the first time, Rosemary reveals the inside story of her amazing life, recounting many memorable adventures and exploits both on and off the track But Rosemary s story is not all fast cars and marathon rallies She writes with honesty about her early life, about a disastrous marriage and money troubles and how she overcame it all

9 thoughts on “Driven (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Rosemary Smith, Marcella Riordan, HarperCollins Publishers Limited: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Lightfoot Lightfoot says:

    Really glad finally to read Rosemary Smith s story a motor sport lady who was out there and in the driving seat for so many years Shame she never got a Michele Mouton type break in a top flight car but she could always be relied on to give it her best shot which she never failed to do.Her life story is also interesting and at times traumatic and very honestly recounted so looking at her life overall I d say she was is undoubtedly a gutsy lady The word Driven in the title is singularly appropriate You could pretty much throw Rosemary the keys to any car and she d rise to the challenge I mean, tackling a drive in a modern day Formula 1 Renault at the not inconsiderable age of 80 is not for the faint hearted be you man or woman Yes, there are a multitude of young women pioneering all sorts of things these days but Rosemary, along with several other ladies, was out there doing it way back whenever and doing it extremely well A really enjoyable read.

  2. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    Wasn t sure when I ordered this book, But Pleased I did, could not put it down very interesting Book You will not be disappointed Not just about M Sport, also about the ups downs of Life

  3. Richard Hinton Richard Hinton says:

    If you remember the 60s 70s the golden age of motor rallying you will just love this book full of stories people joy and some sad times She is pictured above 2 days ago with Paddy Alec full of fun and laughs big font for very easy reading lots of pictures a lovely thing to own and a bargain and no I am nothing to do with any of it Promise you will enjoy I certainly did.

  4. Welsh_John Welsh_John says:

    When I was a teenager she was a real pin up for me Enjoyed all motorsport but Rosemary really made rallying glamourous wish she had been the driver when the mini cooper was the rally car to have Great to relive those years from the past

  5. Andrew Curtis Swann Andrew Curtis Swann says:

    Interesting book

  6. kw kw says:

    A fascinating insight into a very talented lady.

  7. Debs Debs says:

    Such an entertaining read whether or not you re a rally car enthusiastWonderful story of a wonderfully inspirational woman

  8. A Game A Game says:

    An excellent read

  9. Lawrence R. Wright Lawrence R. Wright says:

    Just had to buy, as a Tiger owner, expecting a poorly told story as autobiographies often are This one held my attention to the very last page.