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With a foreword by Eddy Merckx The world of professional cycling is fraught with fierce competition, fervent dedication and unerring ambition, and only a handful of competitors reach iconic status Among them is Sir Bradley Wiggins a man uniquely placed to reflect on the history of this remarkable sport and its unforgettable titans In Icons, Wiggins takes the listener on an extraordinarily intimate journey through the sport, presenting key pieces from his never before seen collection of memorabilia Over the course of his illustrious career, he amassed hundreds of items often gifts from its greatest and most controversial figures Each reflects an icon, a race or a moment that fundamentally influenced Wiggins on both a personal and a professional level By exploring the lives and achievements ofof the sport s key figures among them Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil, Miguel Indur in and Tom Simpson Wiggins sheds new light on what professional cycling demands of its best competitors Icons lauds their triumphs, elucidates their demons and sheds light on the philosophy and psychology that comprise the unique mind set of a cycling champion

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  1. M. Hillmann M. Hillmann says:

    Sportspeople generally do not double as authors and are normally self obsessed That is why they are champions.Bradley Wiggins is obsessed He acknowledges to being a nerd But his obsession is the history and characters of cycling and he has mixed with a number.He gives a first hand account of some of the recent greats whom he has met or cycled with Some were before his time but he still can recount their achievements.The high water mark for cycling he regards as after the war when people generally had not moved on to motorbikes and cars And the Cuneo Pinnerolo stage of the Giro in 1949 he regards as the hardest mountain stage ever conceived Over 254 kms and 5 great cols of Vars, Izoard, Magdalena, Montgen evre and Sestriere, he recounts how Coppi , who had been the champion before the war, pushed the pace and then attacked after 195 kms leaving Bartali, the bookies favourite, incredulous and utterly broken.He tells stories of others like Gimondi, Merckx, Bugno, Hinault, Antequil, Indurain, and Cancerella all of whom he regards as exceptional in their own era and their own discipline This was not necessarily just about the Grand Tours of the Giro, Tour de France and the Vuelta The Tour of Flanders, Paris Nice, Liege Bastogne Liege, Paris Roubaix, Lombardy figure just as much.He controversially includes Lance Armstrong among his Icons He truthfully says he admired him So did I before Armstrong he was exposed as the ultimate druggy He was an icon at the time to both Brad ley Wiggins and to me and it would be dishonest to pretend otherwise He also includes Tom Simpson who died on the Ventoux through drug induced overexertion There is no discussion in the book about the drug issue in cycling Bradley Wiggins accepts the sport for what it was at each time in its history.The book puts today s cycle racing in context.

  2. ChrisHallUK ChrisHallUK says:

    This wasn t one of those cycling books written by a rider being fairly generic with the story This book is a history lesson of some of the most influential riders in the history of cycling.I ve got the book but listened to the audiobook in one go and will listen to it again and again.Hearing stories from a cycling legend being star struck himself is warming A lot of people get to the top and lose that desire If Bradley wasn t as successful as he was, I m sure he would still be this dedicated to the history of cycling.Great book, great history lesson, one to pass on to younger cycling fans so they can look into the history and iconic moments over time.

  3. Mrs A P L Mrs A P L says:

    Big fan of Bradley who knows his stuff Been following pro cycling for many years so the riders featured are mostly of my time Great observations of their characters and personalities Some of the riders may have flawed characteristics but put that to one side and just enjoy Cycling has never been a perfect sport but it is certainly one on the best if you truly understand it Fantastic book Of course any book the features the mighty Sean Yates is worth every penny.


    I absolutely loved reading this fantastic homage to cycling from one of the truly great cyclists of all time, Thanks for being you.

  5. KM42 KM42 says:

    Great book interesting lots of old pictures great

  6. PAULS PAULS says:

    the book is very well presented, sectioned into individual chapters for each rider This makes I easy to pick up read a chapter and put it down for another time For me personally I can recall a lot of the riders mentioned first time around, so nice to have a different perspective The book would grace any bookshelf or coffee table, and is a great addition to a long time cyclist s library of cycling books Worth every penny.

  7. annie j annie j says:

    This book was a gift for a keen follower of the cycling circuit I personally found it of a book to dip in to rather than to read from cover to cover Not entirely to my taste but it kept his Nibs engrossed for quite a long time

  8. Jeff and Jasmine Jeff and Jasmine says:

    A great book and better than Brad s autobiography It give a great insight into inspiring cycle champions and Brad himself He got a lot of criticism for including Armstrong but when you read the whole book you understand why and it makes sense Really worth reading well done Brad, an inspiration to us all.

  9. xxyz xxyz says:

    Uno dei pi bei libri di sport mai letto Commoventi alcuni ritratti, come Coppi e Moser Consiglio a tutti, ciclisti e non

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  11. Galen Farrington Galen Farrington says:

    Icons, by Sir Bradley Wiggins, should be on every cyclist s book shelf To paraphrase the title, this book could serve as a blueprint for many who have been inspired and motivated to successfully integrate their life s obsession with life itself I chose to read an icon each day for the 21 days it would take to absorb their impact on Wiggins s life Wiggins s jersey collection, as revealed magnificently as earned by the icons, represents a historically cultural window into the truly unique world of professional cycling and he reveals this history in a positive presentation He doesn t ignore the various controversies Rather, he alludes to these headlined controversies in such a manner that promotes understanding over judgement He allows the reader to think and appreciate the sport s history as revealed through his personal journey through time with these 21 mentors, some of whom you may know very little if at all Sir Bradley Wiggins has created a meaningful contribution to cycling s literary landscape.Galen Farrington

  12. Kim Kim says:

    Great book, insightful insider perspective.