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A heartfelt story about a pretty awesome guy Honest and not self aggrandising If you like Semi Rad.com and listen to the Dirtbag Diaries much of this will be familiar but a good read. I always enjoyed Brendan s writing style, as he mixes in humour beside some pretty heavy topics, without ever diluting the impact.Sixty Meters focuses on his hardships with alcoholism and his discovery of climbing It s honest, witty, and helps to bring back a bit of humanity into the idea of addiction.A suggested reading for anyone who s found a bit of salvation in climbing good price Great read you get dragged into the story and at times forget the author experienced it all first hand not bad, if were a rock climber it might have gotten stars.. It is a gift for a friend who really wanted this book so I m sure it is great Read it, loved it. When Brendan Leonard moved to the West at age , he was a mess He had a tenuous grip on sobriety, only six months after his last drink had landed him in yet another jail cell It was the final mistake in a long list that included multiple arrests, wrecked cars, broken bones, fistfights, and ruined relationships In Montana, he took his first steps into the Rocky Mountains, unwittingly beginning a decade long obsession with climbing and a journey that would take him all over the West and Europe Told with unflinching honesty and vulnerability, Sixty Meters to Anywhere is the memoir of a barstool storyteller who left the bar and found adventure, redemption, and a life that almost never happened Great book Honest Well written. good book