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Aside from her rock star looks, Catra Corbett is a standout in the running world on her accomplishments alone Catra is the first American woman to run overmiles or on thanoccasions and the first to runandmiles in the Ohlone Wilderness, and she holds the fastest known double time for themiles long John Muir Trail, completing it indays, four hours, andminutes And, unbelievably, she s also a former meth addict After two years of addiction, Catra is busted while selling, and a night in jail is enough to set her straight She gives up drugs and moves back home with her mother, abandoning her friends, her boyfriend, and the lifestyle that she came to depend on Her only clean friend pushes her to train for a K with him, and surprisingly, she likes it and decides to run her first marathon after that In Reborn on the Run, the listener keeps pace with Catra as she runs through difficult terrain and extreme weather, is stalked by animals in the wilderness, and nearly dies on a training run but continues on, smashing running records and becoming one of the world s best ultrarunners

9 thoughts on “Reborn on the Run: My Journey from Addiction to Ultramarathons (Audio Download): Catra Corbett, Dan England, Allyson Ryan, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Richard Tuxford Richard Tuxford says:

    Unfortunately I found the book to be poorly written which, for me, took away it s impact The fact that Catra was abused as a child was almost treated as a by the way which appeared out of the blue rather than being treated as an important and devastating stage in her life.Disappointing book

  2. eziite eziite says:

    This was heavy book flashbacks were too many sometimes But it did give you narrative on how she started running challenges faced.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Incredibly inspiring and amazing woman But, the grammar in this book is awful and the spelling is worse I ve seen Catra being interviewed on You Tube and she is a very well spoken woman So, disappointing to pay 26 for a book that s been badly edited and published Otherwise great read.

  4. Dan Dan says:

    Great book inspirational well worth reading

  5. Truth Devour Truth Devour says:

    Reading this book had me feeling total respect for the human bodies desire to heal Catra was open in her depiction of self abusive behaviour that saw her traverse extremes of heroin drug addiction to anorexia and eventually across to ultra running.None of those options are particularly easy life paths Catra s transformation to ultra running, her description of the Ultra community and achievements is a wonderful credit to her determination to make better choices.

  6. Marilyn Anderson Marilyn Anderson says:

    But I found it to be very jumpy with the timeline.

  7. Jared Goldman Jared Goldman says:

    I didn t think there were any books left like this to read after David Clark, Charlie Engle, Rich Roll But nice to hear the female voice and a truly amazing women A must read for those looking to over come hard ships in your life A must read

  8. SwissBarb SwissBarb says:

    Catra s story is touching, powerful, it will make you laugh and cry and make you legs and feet hurt Also, it will give you a glimpse of the privilege it is to be part of the ultramarathon runners extraordinary community.

  9. Samuel Samuel says:

    Good story, great person Catra is such an amazing human being Great accomplishments, awesome read