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By the author of The Science Delusion, a detailed account of how science can authenticate spirituality To go beyond is to move into a higher state of consciousness, to a place of bliss, greater understanding, love, and deep connectedness, a realm where we finally find life s meaning experiences for which all spiritual seekers seek Dr Rupert Sheldrake, writing as both a scientist and a spiritual explorer, looks at seven spiritual practices that are personally transformative and have scientifically measurable effects He combines the latest scientific research with his extensive knowledge of mystical traditions around the world to show how we may tune in to than human realms of consciousness through psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, and by taking cannabis He also shows how everyday activities can have mystical dimensions, including sports and learning from animals He discusses traditional religious practices such as fasting, prayer and the celebration of festivals and holy days Why do these practices work Are their effects all inside brains and essentially illusory Or can we really make contact with forms of consciousness greater than our own We are in the midst of a spiritual revival This book is an essential guide

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  1. Kay Kay says:

    This is my 2nd book by Rupert Sheldrake I discovered Dr Sheldrake s work while researching Dr Masaru Emoto s research on water and in one of his books he mentions the name of Dr Sheldrake and his work on resonance This is what got me interested to follow Dr Sheldrake s research.This sequel to Science Spiritual Practices is a brilliantly written book that is helping me with my own research on the subjects of Resonance, Healing and spiritual practices itself The 7 chapters are very well researched with referenced I consider this book to be a valuable asset to my library and I am continuously referring to Dr Sheldrakes work to help me understand some points that I get stuck on.Thank you Dr Sheldrake.

  2. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    I have been following Rupert Sheldrake s work since 1982, one of the reasons being that my own researches on the operation of memory have produced remarkably similar conclusions to his hypothesis of morphic resonance, albeit I use principles of quantum physics This latest book follows on in the manner of his last on Science and Spiritual Practices and I found it intriguing in the way that modern behaviour patterns such as sport, speed and involvement in music festivals can all be life confirming, which approach to such pastimes I had never considered before And then, even absorbing for me was the analysis of the use of LSD and DMT to produce psychedelic effects with an explanation of the chemistry involved and how this affects the brain, to sometimes produce lasting new insights and inspiration Quite fascinating especially the recent history of how use of such hallucinogenic substances became illegal in America in1965, but how they have been used over centuries in healing rituals and initiation rites But then since 2010 the use of psychedelics has been found instrumental in research on brain activity in modern brain scanning techniques in that LSD reduces diverting mental chatter in parts of the brain in the same way that meditation can bring about via immersion in visionary experience.His account of the way in which holy and festival days came to be established worldwide around the primeval intervals of the shortest and longest days of the year, together with the equinoxes between them, confirmed for me a subject about which my knowledge was tenuous The way in which such intervals in time celebrated changes of the season on which survival depended in primitive times and later became incorporated into religious calendars and beliefs I found absorbing and remarkably informative.The final chapter Why do Spiritual practices Work is an excellent summary of the way in which mystical experiences form the basis of most religious beliefs, despite their differences might have led to disputes and conflicts His discussion of how the last century s tendency of materialism is now opening up to animism and panpsychism, in the attempt to understand better the working s of the mind, is very stimulating A number of philosophers are beginning to take the view that there is some kind of mind or consciousness in all self organising systems, including electrons and atoms Sheldrake show this conforms to his hypothesis of formative causation.Early editions of Sheldrake s books will become highly sought after when eventually his thesis of how information is transferred through time becomes shown to be valid It seems possible that with the current vast amounts of research funding being poured into quantum computers and entanglement, his morphic resonance will be validated without peradventure in the not too distant future I cannot think of a stronger recommendation than that.

  3. ian stevenson ian stevenson says:

    Sparkling intelligence and profound wisdom jump out from every page of Dr Sheldrake s latest work.His clear and penetrating insight conveys deep truths in a direct and simple way.Dr Shelrake s is a modern master of the spiritual life and his books continue to nourish my mind and spirit.I look forward to his next publication.

  4. bob bob says:

    many paths to those seeking old paths can be found here

  5. Rocco Rocco says:

    If you re looking for insightful metaphysical output here, it s rather sparse I found the book a bit thin on substance and rather boring I expected better from this author.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Rupert Sheldrake has a brilliance that brings to light many aspects of spiritual enquiry in a very accessible and easy manner Wonderful.

  7. zenten zenten says:

    Really basic, I found this very pedestrian.Complete waste of cash Better and relevant infois out there So so disappointing.

  8. Joanne Beaumont Joanne Beaumont says:

    Rupert Sheldrake sets out the second set of 7 spiritual practices, in his usual elegant, brilliantly researched and easily understood style This book is cutting edge for anyone who wants to live a longer, happier and healthier life Cutting edge because he is delving into ignored subjects which some would suggest are too controversial but are slowly emerging across our newsfeeds fasting, animal telepathy and positive use of cannabis Sheldrake manages to bring science and spirituality together framed into the things that touch most of our lives, like the excitement of sports and the thrill of speed, going to music festivals like Glastonbury, football, snowboarding, running and all the things that unleash endorphins, making us feel good, in the flow and in the moment The search for a higher consciousness and how to achieve it with or without an organised religion As in all Sheldrake s work in this book he backs up his huge breadth of research, understanding and amazing vision of living a better, healthier life.

  9. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    This book has given me ideas on how to expand my own spiritual practices and validates my beliefs about God and the universe Reading about Rupert s own experiences adds credence to his writing.

  10. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    Dr Sheldrake has written another fabulous book I could even share some of his discoveries with friends who aren t familiar with his work for instance, his insights into why the best players in professional sports are as good as they are.

  11. Janet Angel Janet Angel says:

    Not what I expected