The Power of Imagination: Unlocking Your Ability to Receive from God eBook –

I really enjoyed It explained fully the questions I had about the imagination I loved it I recommend it. Es un libro magnifico potque aclara conceptos que muchos han confundido y etiquetados como malos e incluso ocult istas Esp hace que pierdan una gran bendivi n que Dios ya nos ha dado y una herramirnts excepcional Love this reading so many great quotes, I listen again again get a deeper insight each time This book appears to me a teaching on strong experiences After reading, I still have many questions how to use the imagination to see God s will I would have liked to read exemples to help me see with my spirit But I know I m still learning so much with AWMI Thanks for this teaching. One of the best books you will ever read on the subject and from a biblical perspective too Awesome Great book a must read. Too often believers pray for healing but never experience it They pray for prosperity but never receive it Why Because they dont know how to use a godly imagination correctly They dont see themselves healed They dont see themselves prosperous They dont see themselves victorious In The Power of Imagination, Andrew Wommack will unlock the power of your imagination and explain how you can put it to work giving you hope for the future Without it, youll never fulfill Gods plan for your life Circumstances will divert you and hardship will steal from you But with it, you wont be able to lose for winning Never underestimate the power of your imagination No hay palabras para describir I can t say enough good things about Andrew Womack his books are all so enlightening I learn so much form him every time I read one of his books and every time I hear one of his sermons He is so wise and has so much knowledge on all things of God.