{Free Reading} Golf’s New Rules: A Handy Fast Reference Effective 2019 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Team Golfwell, Alexander R Adams, Creative Dynamics LLCorp: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Team Golfwell – Carcier.co

There are at least 5 major errors in the book, which seems to be just a summary of publicly available information Many of the individual items do not give complete information For example, they refer to a new back on line of play relief for an unplayable lie in a bunker which is completely wrong, it and they have reversed the old and new definitions of club length.Since I wrote the above review, I have had contact with the authors and they have made corrections and updated the text It is now a useful guide for those who do not want to delve into the full text of the rules. Excellent and simply put Content fine, but too big for most golf bags there is only 26 pages but do cover all the new rules. Not read it yet as still learning to play , whilst cheating. Concise and easy to read Excellent concise insight into the new 2019 rules for the game of golf. It covers the key changes in 2019 well I wish they could have put info into laminated flip brochure type format so it would last better in the golf bag and easier reference. The USGA and R A adopted the most major changes to the rules of golf in thanyears, and all go into effect January ,This audiobook, Golf s New Rules, gives you a clear and quick description of the new rules along with a summary that will answer most new rule questions in seconds You don t have to remember all the new changes if you keep this audiobook on your phone for fast answers to new rule questions It will also help you answer many questions that players have when the major changes come into effect Get this audiobook and continue to enjoy the game Happy golfing Sincerely, The Team at Golfwell when I purchased this booklet, I though I was getting the rules of golf with the 2019 updates Was i was ever wrong It is a simplified listing of only the rules that changed for 2019 After a 20 minute read, it can be placed on the shelf It it worthless to carry in your golf bag as if you want to check on on a subject that did not change, you needs different book My advice is to save your money.