Free pdf Behind the Bench: Inside the Minds of Hockey's Greatest Coaches (Audio Download): Craig Custance, Sidney Crosby - foreword, Barry Abrams, Tantor Audio: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Craig Custance –

They are motivators, key strategists, tough bosses, and choreographers They can be branded as heroes, ousted as scapegoats, quietly valued as friends, and everything in between It s all in the job description for an NHL head coach In Behind the Bench, Craig Custance sits down for film sessions and candid conversations with some of the game s most notable modern luminaries names like Mike Babcock, Joel Quenneville, Dan Bylsma, Todd McLellan, Ken Hitchcock, and Claude Julien all of whom share their singular views on topics ranging from leadership secrets to on ice game plans Dissect some of hockey s greatest moments with the men who set the pieces in motion Go straight to the source on what it s like to manage a dressing room full of the league s top stars or execute line changes with everything at stake Signature games, including Stanley Cup finals, Olympic gold medal clashes, and World Championship contests both wins and losses are reflected upon and broken down in detail, making this a must listen for current and aspiring coaches, players, and hockey fans alike

8 thoughts on “Behind the Bench: Inside the Minds of Hockey's Greatest Coaches (Audio Download): Craig Custance, Sidney Crosby - foreword, Barry Abrams, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Christoffer Eriksson Christoffer Eriksson says:

    This is an awesome view inside the mind of great coaches Excellent job by Craig Custance

  2. Reni the Perm Reni the Perm says:

    Brilliant read.

  3. UK hockey fan UK hockey fan says:

    A really interesting concept which is brilliantly executed Craig is a great writer who really brings alive the coaches personality and makes it feel like you re in the room with them Each chapter is very informative whilst being an accessible and enjoyable read Would highly recommend

  4. Briony Briony says:

    I bought this book to read on vacation in Malta By the second day I had read the whole thing, I couldn t put it down A great read with fascinating insights into hockey coaching and leadership in general.

  5. User71 User71 says:

    To start off with my criticismsI did feel the author spent a bit too much time in some chapters describing the interview itself, it was nice to try and paint a picture of what it was like to sit down with the coaches, but I didn t need to hear about you picking up the Apple TV from your sister s place on the way there.The variety of coaches in the book is great, and you get a really cool behind the scenes glimpse at some of their personalities, and thoughts they had during some big moments in hockey That said, the chapters themselves felt very inconsistent, some felt like they actually had a message, or underlying theme, and others felt like they were just a description of banter and didn t really stay on the subject that well Almost as if every coach had a different attention span for re watching a game, and that in turn shaped how the chapter was written.Despite the odd pace to the book, it was still a very interesting read, and it was really nice to gain some insight into the minds of these coaches and what it s like to work in hockey.

  6. Jordan Montguire Jordan Montguire says:

    Craig Custance is a phenomenal writer Picked his book up and hardly put it down Interesting insight in to a different side of the greatest coaches of this generation Keep it up Craig.

  7. deeshmond deeshmond says:

    I am a sport psychologist, hockey fan, and love behind the scenes insights like this So this book was right up my alley It exceeded my expectations I d bet any NHL fan would enjoy it as well I will definitely be reading it again.

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