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A revaluation Completely changed my history and thought And just SO practical THEology, down to Earth, IS earth, IS every thing, IS every where, Christ This IS what s it s all about Outstanding beautiful loving piece of really deep work Totally recommended Rohr sees the Christ everywhere, and not just in people He reminds us that the first incarnation of God is in Creation itself, and he tells us that God loves things by becoming them Just for that sentence, and there are so many , I cannot put this book down Author Bono, U2Here Fr Richard helps us to see and hear Jesus of Nazareth in what he taught, what he did and who he is the loving, liberating and life giving expression and presence of God In so doing he is helping Christianity to reclaim its soul anew Author Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in AmericaA major shift in our culture is needed, and Richard Rohr s unpacking of The Universal Christ is a critical step in the right direction Remembering our connection to every thing has implications for our religious traditions, society and dare I say it even our politics Author Kirsten Powers, CNN political analyst and USA Today columnistAnyone who has made a confession of faith in Jesus Christ should read this book to graspfully the vast and startling implications of this belief This is Richard Rohr at his best, providing an overall summation of his theological insights that have been life changing for so many Author Wesley Granberg Michaelson, General Secretary emeritus of the Reformed Church in AmericaHere, Christianity finds its root and its destiny in all things, in all matter, in all creation and here, we find our connection to universal belonging, to universal trust, and to universal love This book will change religion and make it tender and gentle and transformational Author Timothy Shriver, Chairman of the Special OlympicsFrom one of the world s most influential spiritual thinkers, a long awaited book exploring what it means that Jesus was called Christ, and how this forgotten truth can transform everything we see, hope for and believe I never expected to find another book on Christianity as good as Cynthia Bourgeault s Wisdom Jesus , but thanks to Richard Rohr I have found it This is a deep and refreshing explanation of Christianity for the early Third Millennium Every chapter in this book is packed with wonderful insight about the universal Divine Presence, bringing wonderful new insights from familiar scriptures Often I found myself thinking, how come I never noticed that before This is a brilliant tool for Christians willing to open up to a vastly bigger, radically inclusive dimension It draws upon orthodox, liberal, and mystic insights both including and transcending all these categories Really superb I only discovered Richard Rohr in the last two or three years This is a writer whose works have rekindled my relationship and friendship with Jesus Christ Whatever you think of religion, Richard Rohr does make people realize that what is important in one s faith life is a personal relationship with the good Lord who loves all of us It is not a set of rules dictated by God most religions have done their best to transmit the heart of God and being mere humans we get it wrong from time to time Talk to God directly, and to his friends, and you will get to know him. A must for those wanting to keep going with their Christian Faith, and not be stuck in the past Rohr claims that Christ and Jesus are two separate entities I give typical quotations from Rohr s book as follows Jesus is a Third Someone not just God and not just man but God and human together What if Christ is another name for the transcendent within of everything in the universe This is sheer nonsense The standard teaching of the Christian Church is that Jesus Christ is one divine person, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity who retains His Divinity but takes on the nature of Man Ordi nary people may not realise what he is saying but the point is that what Rohr has written is what he has made up for him self, It is not Christianity.His boo k is full of such errors I,.t will also confuse devout Christians with regard to the Eucharist I am quite willing to face up to Rohr about this His whole theory about creation is also wrong Many people will be led astray. This is a book with new theology that is very challenging but very positive and refreshing I have been inspired by Richard Rohr s vision This is the last of his many inspiring books and is the best of all in my opinion This will smash your theology right out the window..AMAZING