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Commander in Cheat How Golf Explains Trump is a fascinating on the ground and behind the scenes survey of Donald Trump s ethics deficit on and off the golf course Renowned sports writer Rick Reilly transports listeners onto the greens with President Trump, revealing the absurd ways in which he lies about his feats and what they can tell us about the way he leads off the course in the most important job in the world Reilly has been with Trump on the fairways, on the greens and in the rough he has seen how the President plays and it s not pretty Based on his personal experiences and interviews with dozens of golf pros, amateurs, developers, partners, opponents and even caddies who have firsthand involvement with Trump out on the course, Reilly takes a deep and often hilarious look at how Trump shamelessly cheats at golf, lies about it, sues over it, bullies with it and profits from it From Trump s ridiculous claim to have wonclub championships, to his devious cheating tricks, to his tainted reputation as a golf course tycoon, Commander in Cheat tells you everything you need to know about the man PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio on our desktop site Most of this information was already in plain view, but Reilly puts it all together and comprehensively skewers someone he s known for over 30 years In doing so he successfully proves his central thesis, that Trump s approach to golf both playing it, and developing courses is perhaps the most accurate predictor of his conduct generally and in office The cheating when he plays is universally attested to, but is the least interesting bit of the book, because it s unsurprising and merely pathetic Reilly is better on the golf course development material the squalid deals, his lack of taste and the pitiful pathological desire for his ugly courses to be highly rated The book is all the effective for not just being an anti Trump rant He is a conservative with a small c golf writer with no axe other than a golfing one to grind He even gives some credit where he thinks it s due even though it s not luxury accommodation at the base of the Turnberry lighthouse is an improvement and speaks to plenty of Trump loyalists But the basic facts and big lies 18 Club Championships , Trump LA is better than Pebble Beach and the stiffing of contractors, locals and members, all speak for themselves.A highly enjoyable and quick read Do yourself and the world a favour, and never set foot on a Trump course. A brilliant book I m not a golfer but do understand some of its conventions The book becomes a thesaurus of grotesqueness much reads like a comic novel except nothing is funny You don t need to understand golf to be blown away by the sheer awfulness of Trump s behaviour Three non golfing friends have already read it and share the 5 star rating. I can honestly say that this book has opened my eyes I doubt non golfers will get it , but we golfers can come to only one conclusion after closing this book What a despicable person we have as leader of the free world America, hang your head in shame.