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Random House presents the audiobook edition of The World According to Harry by Harry Redknapp, read by David John While the beautiful game has taught me a lot, becoming King of the Jungle got me thinking I ve had quite a life outside of football too The World According to Harry is my take on the important things from what makes true team spirit and not forgetting your East End roots, to the joys of jam roly poly and knowing how lucky I am to have met a girl like Sandra I can t claim to be clued up on showbiz, but I m certainly not short of a story or two I went from causing mayhem at school to the heights of the premiership to lying in a coffin with a load of rats on national television Life has its high points and there are always rough patches, but I m still loving every minute These are my lessons, laughs and legendary tales from my time in football but also as an ordinary bloke who can t even work a pressure washer properly

8 thoughts on “The World According to Harry (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Harry Redknapp, David John, Random House Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    I love how Harry has all these funny little stories about life back when football wasn t as big as what it is now what really went on in the changing rooms

  2. Alastair Wilson (Author) Santiago On Two Feet Alastair Wilson (Author) Santiago On Two Feet says:

    A really great read from a down to earth sort of bloke with many funny stories, revealing stories of how teams gelled in the past compared to the individuals of today As always comes over as a real family man.

  3. Gwyn John Gwyn John says:

    I loved the read, how he speaks to everyone no matter what walk of life they come from, a man after my own heart He talks about football as I knew it back in the 50s and 60s I remember Harry playing for West Ham and all the players he mentions are men I always remember I would recommend this book to anyone, it is very enjoyable Well done Harry I would love to meet him over a coffee and talk about the British game before the fall guys in the Premiership came along.

  4. Pabby Pabby says:

    Love Harry and his book did not disappoint Very informative and funny Read it on holiday lying on the beach in one day as couldnt put it down Would recommend Well done arry

  5. Hudson Hudson says:

    Typical Harry Boy.anything to get a few quid Had to laugh at the I m not interested in money quotes.Of course your not Harry.One for the charity shops.

  6. Miss D. Miss D. says:

    Amazing amazing amazing couldn t put this book down Definitely one of the best books I have read in years The wording of this book was great.

  7. Daniel Daniel says:

    The product is fine However I can t believe I paid 17.00 and saw it in the shops today for only 10.00 not happy

  8. Neil A Warren Neil A Warren says:

    Such honesty.he even speaks for the man on the street and so refreshingly about politics.well done Harry.