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We are all climbing where we are and with the gear we use in no small part due to Tony Howard s quest for adventure Tony Howard rose to fame inas a member of a group of young climbers from northern England who made the first British ascent of Norway s Troll Wall a climb described by Joe Brown as, One of the greatest ever achievements by British rock climbers Tony went on to design the modern sit harness, now used universally by every climber in the world He founded the company Troll Climbing Equipment but never stopped exploring Quest into the Unknown is his story Tony has dedicated his life to travelling the world in search of never before climbed rock faces and remote trekking adventures The scale of his travels is vast He has visited all of the North African countries, much of the Arab land of the Middle East, the mountainous regions of Scandinavia, Canada and the rocky spine of the Americas, the Himalaya, remote Indian provinces, South East Asia, South Georgia and Antarctica This audiobook, the last word in adventure travel, takes the listener from Tony s youth spent developing the crags of the English Peak District, via whaling ships in the Southern Ocean, thousand mile canoe trips in the Canadian Arctic, and living amongst the Bedouin in the rocky mountains of Jordan to the isolated opium tribes of Thailand Tony Howard s Quest into the Unknown is the jaw dropping account of a life of adventure that is the very definition of true exploration

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  1. Geoff Gosling Geoff Gosling says:

    If you have ever done any climbing, mountaineering or walking in the countryside or wilder places, then you must read this book Quest into the Unknown is a biggish book, but it is conveniently broken down into small chapters, so it is very easy to pick up at any time for an enjoyable short read However you just might not be able to put it down The book also has many first class photographs that detail the exotic and little travelled parts of the world that Tony Howard has explored and climbed in They also show the varied landscapes, cultures and peoples.Tony grew up in the Greenfield, Saddleworth Northern Edge of the Peak District area His first climbs and his contributions to the early guide books, inspired many people of all ages Now it will be Quest into the Unknown that will inspire many readers.Every trip is an adventure and as the title states, mostly into the unknown Tony writes vividly about each adventure, whether it be crossing a desert area for days sat on the top of a train, wading through pools at the bottom of a steep and narrow canyon, discovering and climbing magnificent crack lines and meeting and getting to know local people Some of which have become close friends and fellow adventurers.Tony Di have been quite modest about their vast and varied achievements and explorations in many parts of the world and also nearer to home Very few people have done, or been able to do what Tony has and is still doing I thoroughly enjoyed this book It only left me with the feeling that perhaps I should have done a lot myself

  2. V. Cartwright V. Cartwright says:

    This book is awesome, a lifetime of worldwide travel and adventure, taking you to places you ve never heard of and some familiar destinations The earlier tales are from a time when most folk could only dream of global travel and most people simply didn t have the means to do it Neither did the author.but he worked out ways to follow his dreams regardless, using ingenious methods to fund his trips Throughout the book there is humour, world exploration, brushes with royalty, travel via ships, trains, planes and a range of trucks, cars and vans There are fantastic descriptions of desert, mountain, sea and jungle environments with an incredible amount of outdoor adventure including climbing in the most remote corners of the world This book is inspirational and keeps you hooked all the way through, revealing a host of achievements by Tony, Di and their fellow explorers There is something for everyone here, if you love the outdoors, travelling, climbing, exploring and extreme adventure it s for you There are also heartwarming threads of hard work, humble beginnings, lifelong relationships, family and referrals to the authors much loved home ground where his love of the outdoors and climbing began Highly recommended.

  3. Keith Richardson Keith Richardson says:

    If you like climbing, travelling and living the life of a nomad al over the World then buy this and luxuriate in its language and the writers bravery Read it in 7 days a bit each night and couldn t wait to pick it up each evening Read and enjoy.

  4. Mr D W Armitt Mr D W Armitt says:

    I actually know Tony Howard he s the real thing a genuine adventurer with plenty of true tales to tell.

  5. Mark Taylor Mark Taylor says:

    Great read

  6. Robert N Robert N says:

    Quest Into The Unknown follows the remarkable life story of the Yorkshire Nomad Tony Howard From the very first pages of this inspiring book the reader settles into a comfortable narrative full of exciting adventure The text carries us from youthful days of ramming in 6 inch nails to ascend trees onto climbs with homemade pegs, wonderful days of climbing into the unknown in Norway and to journeys to so many inviting landscapes around the world You cannot help but share Tony s excitement and awe and wonder as he ventures round each new corner to find experiences almost beyond his imagination Tony shares his journeys with Di Taylor and with fellow wanderers of the world The book also covers the development of the Rimmon Mountaineering Club, the success of Troll Mountaineering Equipment and the creation and growth of n.o.m.a.d.s a company set up by Tony and Di to expose unfamiliar countries to all interested in unusual travel and exploration The reader is left to wonder what Tony and Di make of, and how they live, what many would consider as ordinary, everyday life You certainly feel that at times they are at home away from home What is most remarkable is that you are left in no doubt that Tony and Di have never lost their youthful excitement wherever they travel and whatever they find Tony and Di have immersed themselves in the lives of so many peoples and have discovered that kindness is nearly always repaid with kindness and that friendship is a great gift to offer A fascinating book surely destined to inspire, to open eyes and to be hugely enjoyed and appreciated by so many who read about and travel the world.