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When Jerry Moffatt burst onto the scene as a brashyear old, rock climbing had never seen anyone like him before Fiercely ambitious, even as a boy Moffatt was focused on one thing being the best in the world This is the story of his meteoric rise to stardom and how he overcame injury to stay at the top for over two decades Top sport climber, brilliant competitor, and a pioneer in the new game of bouldering, Moffatt s story is that of climbing itself in the lastyears Yet Jerry Moffatt is than a dedicated athlete Travelling the world to fulfill his dreams, his story is a compelling and often hilarious account of the climbing community with all its glories, dangers, and foibles as well as the story of a true sporting legend

12 thoughts on “Jerry Moffatt - Revelations (Audio Download): Jerry Moffatt, Stewart Crank, Vertebrate Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Craig Craig says:

    Some long years ago, when I lived in the Peak District, I was a regular visitor to The Foundary climbing wall On occasion I would see Jerry and his posse hanging out and doing problems that I would never be able to repeat I bought The Real Thing a while ago, and had always been intrigued by the lifestyle of dedicated professional climbers, so this was my chosen copy I have to say that the book is truly outstanding I have had it two days, and am already halfway through it Jerry s writing style is interesting and interspersed with some clever hooks around what would happen further on in the book I can t stop reading the thing The descriptions of routes completed will leave any climber with sweating palms Even if like me you struggle to climb up a VS I very much recommend this title to anyone I note much enlightened individuals have already bestowed it with suitable accolades It s fired me up so much that I am off to blow off some diffs in North Wales post lockdown Lenny.

  2. Steve F Steve F says:

    As someone who has done quite a bit of rock climbing albeit at a modest grade, I found Revelations a thoroughly enjoyable read I devoured it in a week hence the 5 stars If you are, or have been a climber, you will probably love this book but it might be hard work for a general interest read I will not repeat anything about the content which has been extensively commented on in other reviews but you know what, I think I am going to go climbing now after having been away for quite a few years Grooved Arete here I come now how much better a recommendation can you give for a climbing book than that

  3. Samuele M. Samuele M. says:

    Moffat s an inspiration for any climber and this book confirms it by showing how normal he is after all Lifelong dedication to climbing and a very passionate man

  4. adrian glover adrian glover says:

    Its ok think was expecting butto be honest just felt a little like a diary read to end but have to admit it was not what i thought it could have been

  5. Martin Evans Martin Evans says:

    A fascinating insight on how hard you have to work to be the best A remarkable book well composed Great

  6. Malcolm V Malcolm V says:

    Good biography if you are a climber I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I don t think this would appeal to someone who is not themselves a climber Lots of detail on routes, etc.

  7. Thackers Thackers says:

    Amazing achievements, great guy, inspirational, easy read, couldn t put it down If you love climbing, with a bit of the history, and lots of Sheffield then read it ,

  8. eastwitch eastwitch says:

    son had already read the reviews and added to his xmas list so I knew I was on a winner

  9. Michael Reiser Michael Reiser says:

    Jerrys Geschichte des Sportkletterns, und seine Geschichte IST die des Sportkletterns in den 80er und 90ern schlechthin, geh rt in jeden Kletterhaushalt Insbesondere die Generation Halle, und alle die erst in den letzten 15 Jahren mit dem Klettern begonnen haben, bekommen hier hier einen Einblick wie wild, abgedreht und sexy Klettern sein konnte Mit dem heutigen Lifestyle und Konsumorientierten Tun hatten seine Aktionen nichts am Hut F r mich hei t es Let s do the time warp again

  10. aldo aldo says:

    Libro molto bello, ti fa sentire libero vivi con Jerry le sue avventure, ti sembra di essere li a faticare con lui.

  11. Pilikia18 Pilikia18 says:

    Although I haven t climbed for a long while now, my palms were sweating while reading the detailed descriptions of the routes and boulder problems Jerry mastered in his impressive career It was an enjoyable trip down memory lane and I found it hard to put down the book.

  12. patrick h sullivan patrick h sullivan says:

    One of the most informative and captivating climbing books out there I would highly recommend it to any climber but maybe not a non climber.