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A freak accident causes Buckeye Lake to be drained A girl s body is found in the mud A mysterious mountain hermit is a suspect, but no one has ever seen him Breeze is called upon to track a man that he s not even sure exists He teams up with an attractive female police officer, who wants than just a professional relationship Pressure mounts as the case progresses, in ways than one

15 thoughts on “Beech Mountain Breeze (Audio Download): Ed Robinson, Timothy G. Little, Edwin L. Robinson: Audible Audiobooks

  1. DON DON says:

    I have read every one of Ed Robinson s novels For some reason I delayed a few days after buying this one I knew deep down, I would get sucked in and not put the book down I was right and stayed up late at night an awakened the next morning to continue without disappointment Ed draws you in with his uncanny ability to make you personally connect with the characters What a wonderful escape from the real world.AWESOME JOB ED ROBINSON

  2. M. E. Banks M. E. Banks says:

    Once again Breeze ends up with another dead body This time, the difference is Breeze is helping the law instead of running from them Is he finally going legit Or is he just under the spell of a beautiful babe with a badge When Breeze pits his skills against another mountain man has he met his match Is he playing hide and seek with a killer Another solid Breeze adventure.

  3. Patricia Patricia says:

    I have read all of the Boat Bum books and was not sure I would like the Mountain Man books But I was wrong, I flew through them like I used to do with James Patterson s books.Loved all the characters and the twists and turns Felt I was reading something with meat in it Breeze is a likable charactor and I was glad the author could change the characters living arrangement so drasticly and not lose Breeze in the process I hope he has many stories to tell.

  4. Straight Arrow Straight Arrow says:

    The third book in The series was the best so far I believe the introduction of the Angelina character helped to liven it up some and giving Brody a active role, other than that of a dutiful house wife and lover, made it plausible She is after all a former FB I Agent I Still Think Breeze is a better boat bum than a mountain man, but keep them coming, they make for enjoyable reading.

  5. Marsha Anderson Marsha Anderson says:

    My heritage is from this very area Ed s short time in the area has given him insight to Mountain life which reflects in his writing Breeze continues to find adventure.

  6. Dennis Battern Dennis Battern says:

    I doubted that I would enjoy these books as well when they moved away from the ocean but I was wrong I believe the mountains could be my second choice also Enjoyed the time spent in the mountains with this book.

  7. S I P S I P says:

    An intriguing tale, and one I enjoyed immensely I used Google Earth to acquaint myself with the locale, and now understand the task facing our mountain man Breeze, Brody and their dog Red A good read

  8. buddy white buddy white says:

    As usual you can t stop reading until you finish Every page is suspenseful It keeps you guessing the outcome and it is usually wrong.

  9. Gerald Eldreth Gerald Eldreth says:

    I couldn t put it down Breeze knows how to find things to keep him busy Or maybe they find him I like the local county setting That part of the county is awesome in it beauty and people I m sure Breeze will stumble into another fine mess soon Looking forward to the next one Thanks

  10. R T Warshel R T Warshel says:

    Ed Robinson has written another amazing story The transition from Ocean Breeze to Mountain Breeze has been seamless and I have really enjoyed seeing how the characters adapt to their new environment Ed has done an amazing job in Beach Mountain Breeze I couldn t put it down

  11. Wahoo Wahoo says:

    For folks like me that are from that part of N C and very familiar with the area, an avid outdoors man and a career Law Enforcement officer this book was like a walk through my own back yard I loved it Uncluttered and entertaining Mr Robinson s style of writing is like two people sitting around and chewing the fat I ll keep reading his work as long as he chooses to write Oh, by the way, Broughton hosp Is in Morgaton not Morgantown Just sayin.

  12. b b says:

    I really enjoyed the book as I always do one of my favorite authors However,there is a flaw in the plot The murder victim did not die from the blow to the head, but from drowning The person who dumped the body was not arrested for murder,but for covering up the crime If the cause of death was drowning, the person who dumped the body in the lake would have actually been the murderer, not the person who caused the blow to the head.

  13. Michael L Michael L says:

    Breeze is a great character and has developed well beyond being a boat bum Surrounded by other interesting characters these books keep on giving I will continue to follow his exploits on the mountain Thanks for an entertaining read.

  14. Conway Peters Conway Peters says:

    Excellent story Breeze has become a true tracker and mountain man Many twists and turns in this book which becomes a truly can t put down Great job Ed It is one of your best works. Buster

  15. Anna M. Baine Anna M. Baine says:

    Breeze is fun to follow in the water or the mountains He is so believable Ed does it again