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Fanny Bullock Workman was a complicated and restless woman who defied the rigid Victorian morals she found as restrictive as a corset With her frizzy, brown hair tucked under a topee, Workman was a force on the mountain and off Instrumental in breaking the British stranglehold on Himalayan mountain climbing, this American woman climbed peaks than any of her peers, became the first woman to map the far reaches of the Himalayas, the first woman to lecture at the Sorbonne, and the second to address the Royal Geographic Society of London, whose members included Charles Darwin, Richard Francis Burton, and David Livingstone Her books, replete with photographs, illustrations, and descriptions of meteorological conditions, glaciology, and the effect of high altitudes on humans, remained useful decades after their publication Paving the way for a legion of female climbers, her legacy lives on in scholarship prizes at Wellesley, Smith, Radcliffe, and Bryn Mawr Author and journalist Cathryn J Prince brings Fanny Bullock Workman to life and deftly shows how she negotiated the male dominated world of alpine clubs and adventure societies as nimbly as she negotiated the deep crevasses and icy granite walls of the Himalayas It s the story of the role one woman played in science and exploration, in breaking boundaries and frontiers for women everywhere

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  1. John Theakstone John Theakstone says:

    This was a disappointment the book appears to be aimed at a general American readership with limited scientific understanding Why include explanations of altitude sickness and triangulation GPS While it is reasonable to devote space to the spat between Fanny Bullock Workman and Annie Smith Peck and its background, one might question why so much material is devoted to Miss Peck in a biography of another woman.There are times when Cathryn Prince almost suggests she was there She raised her German manufactured Zeiss telescope to her eye She fiddled with the wheel until the view came into focus elsewhere she leaves an impression of a lack of personal knowledge of places visited by Fanny Bullock Workman It is an authorial gaffe to suggest that Srinagar in in Pakistan.In 1890 M nie Muriel Dowie wore knickerbockers in the Carpathian Mountains, maintaining that the male costume and way of riding was suitable for a woman She addressed the British Association later that year Isabella Bird rode astride in Hawaii in 1873.

  2. Steven Teitelbaum Steven Teitelbaum says:

    As a history buff i have enjoyed all of Prince s books because she finds important and previously lost stories that cannot be found elsewhere This one does not disappoint.This books is about the first major female mountain climber, Fanny Bullock Workman She held the women s altitude record after ascending than 23,000 feet in the Himalayas, she made first ascents while wearing an ankle length skirt , created maps, and wrote prodigiously about her experiences She was an early suffragist and her husband was one of the first of what we delete would now call feminists Her story is very contemporary as her experiences during the Victorian Era are a microcosm for the cultural discussions of today Why are the leadership traits that are praised in men used to vilify women in what ways should female accomplishments be compared to those of other women or against men as well what are the responsibilities of motherhood and how much risk of harm should a parent take and lastly, her use of her professional platform to promote suffrage Just today there are stories about the deaths on Everest from amateur climbers weekend warriors who have guides take them up beyond their abilities But she led her own expeditions and the peaks she climbed were incremental and rational choices based upon her abilities So the timeliness cannot be overstated.There is an adage that history repeats itself, and i know that is debatable But what is unquestionable is that we can learn a lot about what we are dealing with today but discussing events in the past because nothing is really new This book has made me think so much about what we are dealing with today By analyzing it in the past it frees us from our own vested interests in the issues today which allows for much greater clarity in our analysis It sounds like i m overstating this after all it is a history book but few books have left me thinking as much as this The fact that my fascination in her lingers so long after reading the book is a testament to the powerful writing about this amazing story.

  3. Sallie Greenwood Sallie Greenwood says:

    Fanny Bullock Workman is rightly regarded as a pioneer Himalayan mountaineerand protagonist in a most public spat with fellow mountaineer Annie Smith Peck over who had climbed the highest Cathryn Prince has put together a long over due biography of Fanny Bullock Workman using new sources to add depth to Fanny s life beyond climbing Who knew daughter Rachel would study geology Thanks to Prince for getting beyond Fanny wearing a skirt during her mountaineering adventures and that she was photographed with an issue of the British suffragist newspaper Votes for Women on the Siachen Glacier.

  4. Jeffrey B. Matthews Jeffrey B. Matthews says:

    Adventure after adventure of literally a trailblazing explorer set during the golden age of mountaineering Who just happened to also be a woman bucking up against the burgeoning equal rights and women s suffrage movements Well researched, beautifully written, with colorful details about a most interesting life.