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The Ultimate Mountain Bike Training and Nutrition Plan Thisweek strength training plan was created specifically for mountain bikers and their unique needs on the bike Through various training phases, listeners will develop their aerobic capacity, coordination, and strength, translating to increased performance on the bike Designed for both competitive riders and weekend warriors alike this program is your guide to getting in better shape for mountain biking What s Includedweeks of mountain bike specific training Simple to follow nutritional guidance In depth concept explanation

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  1. Theo Milligan Theo Milligan says:

    Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition Sounds complicated but it is really is that easy The years I have been riding and the experience I have, I always fell short on a climb, or at the end of an endurance ride.Get the nutrition and timing right and you will surprise yourself For me its not a problem any While I have your ear, weight sessions for upper body is very very important, helps with bike management in a ride, and for seniors riders it will help with any tumbles and recovery.This book is a constant reminder of the finely balanced relationship of nutrition and training.

  2. Alexander Alexander says:

    I can imagine this will be a great guide to people who loves to go mountain biking I do it occasionally, and this book is a pleasure to read to know of this passion

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    Great read if you are looking to get into better riding shape for longer rides, faster race times, or just enjoyment on the bike This is specific to mountain biking and is the first of its kind that I have found I defiantly have recommended this to all of my riding partners and friends.

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    Great book The training plan is really effective Definitely worth buying.

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    This mountain biking guide nutrition plan was very informative and easy to follow Looking forward to using this guide to help me dust my son s old roommate on the trails Would definitely recommend to others.

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    Great training guide thoughts well organized Thank you

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    Great tips and advice for any level rider Enjoyed the content and style of the ebook.I d recommend this to anyone looking to get ready for mtn bike season JF.

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    This book does a great job outlining all the necessary exercises and best practices to fuel better, workout better, and ride better I ll be sending it like Randy in no time

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    Got this book I like that is wel organized and right to point I would be following this training in the next days..

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    Great training guide

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    Amazing training guide Well written