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In , the legendary fell runner Joss Naylor completed a continuous circuit of allWainwright fells in the Lake District, covering a staggering distance of overmiles plus many thousands of metres of ascent in only seven days and one hour Those in the know thought that this record would never be beaten It is the ultimate British ultramarathon The person taking on this superhuman challenge would have to be willing to push harder and suffer than ever before There Is No Map in Hell tells the story of a man willing to do just that In , Steve Birkinshaw made an attempt at setting a new record With a background of nearlyyears of running elite orienteering races and extreme distance fell running over the toughest terrain, if he couldn t do it, surely no one could But the Wainwrights challenge is in a different league Aspirants need to complete two marathons and over , metres of ascent every day for a week With a foreword by Joss Naylor, There Is No Map in Hell recounts Birkinshaw s preparation, training, and mile by mile experience of the extraordinary, and sometimes, hellish demands he made of his mind and body, and the physiological aftermath of such a feat His deep love of the fells, phenomenal strength, and tenacity are awe inspiring and testimony to athletes and onlookers alike that in order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd

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  1. Alpine Trekker Alpine Trekker says:

    I was expecting to enjoy this book from the outset, so was a bit disappointed by an awkward and disjointed start, over there was a plaudit on the first few pages from the dreadful Trail Running magazine that put me off a bit, however I stuck with it and I m glad I did Yes, it s not the greatest literary masterpiece, but it s a proper warts and all story of a very determined man who loves his sport and does his best to excel no matter what What does come shining through is the emotion and hardship he endured on his epic Wainwright Round and the incredible fortitude he showed just to keep going, it s really gripping and if you re at all interested in off road or ultra distance running, this is an essential read There have been several books of this ilk published in the last few years and in general they re soulless, badly written efforts that have no character whatsoever This has it in bucketfulls Recommended.

  2. LG LG says:

    It took me five years to complete the Wainwrights living 5 hours away meant I couldn t just get out in the fells so to do it in 7 days is ABSOLUTELY amazing I enjoyed every moment of Steve s run, especially sitting here reading from my armchair His story took me back to the fells which I also love.Well done, keep running, an inspiring lovely story.

  3. Kevin Borman Kevin Borman says:

    The astonishing account of how, in 2014, SB beat Joss Naylor s record of just over 7 days for a traverse of all 214 of the Wainwrights Something of an outsider at school, Steve found solace in orienteering, at which he proved very talented He went on to perform exceptionally well in mountain marathons and long fell running events The only point at which I felt the book dragged was here, with rather a lot of facts and figures about this period The narrative picks up again when Steve begins to detail the planning and preparation for his Wainwrights attempt He gives full thanks to the many people who supported his run and his blow by blow account of the successful attempt itself is painful and enthralling I was carried along by the tale, which is interspersed with extracts from others who were involved, including Steve s wife Emma An astonishing achievement, done justice by this absorbing book.

  4. Billforshort Billforshort says:

    This book not only chronicles the amazing achievement of establishing a new record for running over all 214 Wainwrights, but also tells us much about the author himself and the obstacles he had to surmount He claims to find writing difficult but, even if true, he than makes up for this by a sincere and honest writing style that reveals much about the make up of the man Thus the book tells the reader about his early life not always easy teased mercilessly at school for having a posh southern accent , his talent for running the longer and the rougher the better , his preparation for tackling the Wainwrights, the run itself, and the aftermath recovery was clearly far from straightforward.Throughout he is careful to acknowledge those who have gone before him, and especially pays fulsome tribute to Joss Naylor, the legendary fellrunner whose record he broke Steve was able to reduce Naylor s climbing and distance on his own route by around 4% through careful planning and a mixture of art and science.I would have liked Steve to have used British or imperial measures of height and distance rather alongside metric of course mainly because Wainwright himself felt very strongly on the issue For him, Mont Blanc may be 4808 metres but Bowfell will always be 2960 And, after all, if it were not for Wainwright, this challenge would not exist.But this is very minor I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves walking or running in the Lakeland fells or those who will be uplifted by an amazing tale of an incredible achievement which is scarcely believable to those of us who consider a 12 mile walk in the fells over 3 or 4 peaks a hard and full day.

  5. Tony OB Tony OB says:

    The feat achieved of running the Wainwright Fells is great, but this book is a boring account of someone who came across of totally selfish self centred I don t understand why so many people put themselves out to help in these feats I wouldn t bother reading this book if I was you

  6. Braddan Braddan says:

    A brilliant read of a superhuman undertaking by a modest and humble individual In a world of self professed world beaters and glory hunters its refreshing to read about a true challenge undertaken by an individual motivated by passion and personal demons rather than simply dreaming up a big something to fuel their social media alter ego Would highly recommend to any enthusiast of the outdoors whether runner or not.

  7. P. Matthews P. Matthews says:

    A great read As a keen ultra runner myself for 30 years but well below Steve s standard I really enjoyed the book which brought back memories of some of the events I had done in the past but no longer able to do as age sadly weakens the body However anybody with an interest in the great outdoors should enjoy the book It does show the dedication that goes into the sport and those that complain of lack of facitlities in their sports may well find this sobering.

  8. Ali Ali says:

    I remember following this amazing feat at the time and I ve since seen Steve speak, but only recently got round to reading the book I thoroughly enjoyed it It details his fell running life before the challenge, which helps one understand why he did it The challenge itself and the sheer enormity of organisation, is described in an interesting and informative way Truly inspiring.

  9. Michael Schraff Michael Schraff says:

    Zun chst absoluten Respekt vor der Leistung von Steve Birkinshaw sowohl physisch, als auch logistisch Das Problem des Buches ist, dass es den Leser zumindest mich nicht fesselt, wie es beispielsweise Dean Karnazes in seinen B chern schafft.