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I have a far too large collection of cycling books so my wife says , and I have re read all of them at some point, this one however will go straight to the charity shop The book is full of contradictions about doping and dopers and the author has a real issue with Phil Gaimon, who at least has the balls to put his name to things and call out Fabian Cancellara about his mechanical doping Spend your money on any other of a huge number of cycling books that will give you a far better insight into life in the peloton and avoid this book at all costs to give a true reflection of the contents the cover should be beige An interesting read but sorry I didn t feel there was anything in this book that could not have been said with the authors name attached I m obviously not involved in professional cycling, so maybe some things that were written could have caused the author problems I don t know I m hoping that when he does retire , we will then discover his true identity To conclude, I don t think it gives much new in cycling insight. I ve followed the Secret Pro on Cycling Tips and enjoyed his columns They ve provided insightful commentary on some of the live issues in cycling, or less in real time I was hoping for of the same from this book not necessarily salacious gossip, but detail on the inner workings of the peloton during races, the deals, the feuds, the way a bunch of competitive young men manage to, mostly, get on while simultaneously trying to beat each other.It mostly fails.What you get is a sense of a chap who mostly wants to tell you how much he misses his family, now that he s a mature athlete It s heartfelt but rather dull Anyone who has followed pro cycling will already know that pros are obliged to sing the praises of their sponsors kit, that riders are tired at the end of a race, that they love riding their bikes when they re not bitching about it You won t learn much new, that s for sure Other than that, well, he loves Nibali, thinks Valverde is a talented and hard working model pro Valv.piti s flat refusal to acknowledge, let alone atone for his doping is airwaved away he s done his time, stop the hating Lance Armstrong is a scapegoat an interesting voice, Phl Gaimon is sanctimonious, Sky haven t broken any law or regulations, but are TEH BIG BAD, blah etc Occasionally I found myself nodding along, but a lot of what he says sticks in the throat In particular the excuses he makes for serial, hardcore dopers, while simultaneously slagging Sky for exploiting loopholes because no one else does that, right In particular he seems to have a gripe against Phil Gaimon and is happy to rip him for being outspoken while hiding behind his own anonymity Whether you like Phil or not, that s cowardly If you don t like what Gaimon says, you can respond to his online face and he ll often engage He s sometimes wrong, but he s at least open, accountable and reasonable.It s a quick read, not that well written and not really worth your time or money I ll give him the benefit of the doubt, in as much as I think he s genuinely trying to share something about his life as a pro, but I wish I d saved my money. the description of this made it sound great and like a real warts and all view on modern cycling However there really isnt much controversial insight at all For example the equipment section just says vittoria tyres were terrible ten years ago No dishing of dirt on modern bike manufacturers or equipment manufacturers It is mostly a book about the lack of culture within teams now with riders preffering to do everything alone or sit on their phones. Penguin Presents the audio edition of The Secret Cyclist, by The Secret Cyclist, read by Ben Eagle Who is The Secret Cyclist and why all the secrecyEvery public aspect of our lives is so tightly controlled that being truly honest is all but impossible in a newspaper interview, never mind a whole book You try to write a warts and all blog about your office Question how the business is run, make sure you remember to call your boss a moron, and then tell me how it goesHe s ridden for World Tour teams foryears He s achieved topfinishes in Grand Tours He likes coffee These are just a few details about the professional rider who wants you to know what the view looks like from the centre of the peloton What do the riders really make of Team Sky How does the pay structure work Why should you never trust a kit endorsement from a professional Is doping still an issue The Secret Cyclist tackles the big questions head on, revealing a side to cycling that fans have never seen before Rehash of secret pro blog posts Towards the end I was grinding through the chapters just to finish it To quote the author it sucks This book is open and honest Not an expos on Pro Cycling, but an insight from the viewpoint of a cyclist, not a journalist A great read that I could not put down. Reasonable read, not too difficult to think about Not really discovered anything I didn t know from read other cycling autobiographies