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This book by Alex Honnold is as genuine as the man himself The story is about about his life growing up and mainly about how he climbs, his thought processes and emotions or rather lack of emotion that powers him on As you read you become attached to the man and try to figure him out His sincerity comes across in this book very well, and trust me, you won t want to put it down. I really enjoyed this book the first person descriptions of some of his solos are edge of the seat stuff However most of this book is in the third person with quotes from Alex others added It made the book a bit disjointed When I ve heard Alex interviewed he has quite a distinctive voice so it s a shame the whole book isn t all written in the first person I m waiting for a proper autobiography with or without a ghost writers assistance I read Tommy Caldwell s book The Push last year and really enjoyed it Then I watched Free Solo, Alex Honold s breathtaking film I m not a climber but visited Yosemite recently and have read numerous climbing biogs over the years enthralled at the mindset of the climbers and the natural beauty of the mountains and achievement of the athletes Sadly this book has not grabbed me in the same way Doubtlessly Alex is an amazing climber with a fascinating but also alarming attitude This book does not tell you enough about the man and his motivations, There is little personal detail or depth, it s just a list of climbs I appreciate that in order to fund their lifestyle climbers usually have to make films and write books in this case it feels a bit like a tick box exercise which could have been much better However, this is not meant to take anything away from his skill and bravery maybe it s just better illustrated on film rather than in a book. A breath taking story of one very cool, courageous and modest climber Alex Honnold has the nerve that screen so called heroes try to project He is a true hero though even he does say don t try this at home This book leaves one in awe of his achievements Most of us are but mere mortals in his shadow. Fantastic book The book is very well written documenting Alex s climbs and giving you a background of who he is, so I really felt like I knew Alex by the middle of the book What I genuinely loved about the book is that the places that Alex was climbing I had never heard of, new to the climbing world , yet I could still picture them vividly as though I had seen the pictures of Alex doing them at the time.I read this book extremely quickly, just because I was hooked into it, but it really does give you a sense of how great the achievements are that Alex has accomplished so far. If you are at all interested in climbing, either the sport, the psychology, or just the technical aspects, this is definitely worth a read It s probably of limited interest to non climbers, and is certainly not an adventure novel or story in the trad sense It does make you feel mortal though I bought this book after having watched Free Solo just to learn a bit about climbing and what goes on in Alex s mind during a climb I expected myself to just skim through it and only read certain bits but I actually ended up loving it and reading every single word.Alex s depictions of being on the wall are amazing and his view of life is really respectable The stories of his biggest climbs and the media s reaction to them are really interesting, some of them also inspiring.Alex seems like a great guy and I was actually sad to reach the end of the book as I could probably listen to him talk about his adventures for days on end. Includes two new chapters on Alex Honnold s free solo ascent of the iconic , foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park On June rd Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo Yosemite s El Capitan to scale the wall without rope, a partner, or any protective gear completing what was described as the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport National Geographic and one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever New York Times Already one of the most famous adventure athletes in the world, Honnold has now been hailed as the greatest climber of all time Vertical magazine Alone on the Wall recounts the most astonishing achievements of Honnold s extraordinary life and career, brimming with lessons on living fearlessly, taking risks, and maintaining focus even in the face of extreme danger Now Honnold tells, for the first time and in his own words, the story of his three hours andminutes on the sheer face of El Cap, which Outside called the moon landing of free soloing A generation defining climb Bad ass and beyond words One of the pinnacle sporting moments of all time In his own words mostly the experiences of the Hon Read this before you read The Impossible Climb or watch Free Solo It ll put free soloing El Cap in the proper perspective To Alex is this burning an Eternal Flame Stay safe. Alex Honnolds Buch ist wirklich ein wunderbares Buch f r Kletterer Er beschreibt die f r ihn pers nlich wichtigsten Free Solo Begehungen sehr detailreich und wenn man selber klettert, f hlt man regelrecht, wie er die Finger an kleinsten Leisten aufstellt, wie er m de vom meterweiten Piazzen wird und wie es sich anf hlen muss, hunderte Meter ber dem Boden auf die Schl sselstelle der Route zuzuklettern Mich hat das Buch sehr inspiriert F r die lesenden Angsthasen des Kletterns, schildert Honnold einige Gedanken, die nur allzu nachvollziehbar sind, die mir pers nlich aber auch Mut machen, an die eigenen F higkeiten zu glauben und sich nicht von der Angst l hmen zu lassen.Etwas schade finde ich, dass das Buch eher nichts f r Au enstehende des Klettersports ist Wer mit Klettern nichts am Hut hat, wird durch dieses Buch wahrscheinlich keinen Zugang zur Faszination Klettern finden Daf r geht es einfach ber zu viele Seiten um die einzelnen Kletterpassagen, Schl sselstellen, Bewegungen usw und zu wenig um das drumherum.Fazit F r leidenschaftliche Kletterer und Bergsportler ein sehr inspirierendes Buch Wenn man es gelesen hat, lieber nur an Kletterkumpels verleihen.