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Ron Fawcett is a natural born climber In , while still at school in his native Yorkshire, he tied into a climbing rope for the first time and was instantly hooked From that moment on, it seemed nothing else in his life mattered nearly as much as his next vertical fix Ten years later, Fawcett was the most famous rock climber in Britain and among the best in the world, part of a new wave whose dedication to training transformed the sport, pushing standards further and faster than ever before or since His legacy of new climbs ranks him alongside the very best in the history of the sport He was also the first to style himself a professional rock climber, starring in the landmark television documentary Rock Athlete, and appearing on the covers of magazines around the world But far from enjoying the fame, Fawcett found the pressures of the limelight too much to bear, and at the end of the s he faded from view Now, for the first time, he tells his extraordinary story, of how his love of nature and the outdoors developed into a passion for climbing that took him to the top and almost consumed him Winner of theBoardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature