books Everest England: 29,000 Feet in 12 Days (Audio Download): Peter Owen Jones, Peter Owen Jones, AA Publishing: Audible Audiobooks By Peter Owen Jones –

A unique hill walking guide toof Britain s peaks, adding up to the exact height of Everest Scaling the peaks of Everest, the world s highest mountain, is the ultimate physical and mental challenge that the human race can aspire to But as it takes years of preparation and a minimum of , to achieve, it remains out of reach to most of us This audiobook allows you to embark on your own personal Everest without leaving England s green and pleasant land Ascending hills of varying sizes whose ascents add up to the same height as Everest, around , feet, celebrity vicar and countryman Peter Owen Jones guides the you on a road trip covering overhill climbs in different parts of England The climbs can be done mindfully over a limited period,days is the suggested time scale, or as fast as possible, thus creating a physical challenge rather like the Three Peaks The climbs could also be undertaken separately over longer periods of time and used as opportunities for mindfulness and quiet meditation under Peter s expert spiritual guidance The journey takes in sacred places found on coastal cliff walks, ancient holy sites, tors, peaks, mountains, and the highest church in England

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  1. Brian E. Downes Brian E. Downes says:

    The author had this book published by The Automobile Association I am not sure how that sits with Peter Owen Jones eco credentials The AA of course have an excellent reputation for publishing walking guidebooks, as well as supporting motorists Unfortunately this volume is not a guide book, neither an amusing and anecdotal account of his expedition If it is an account of a Pilgrimage it is disjointed and doesn t seem to work The book is full of moral musings, rambling thoughts, and primary school nature notes.It seems a slightly self indulgent reflection, and all just a bit too away with the fairies to be of interest to the general reader The obscure photographs in the book seem to bear no relation to the subject matter, and I assume they have been included because of some artistic merit.I am actually a great fan of the Rev s work having read all his books, and viewed most of his TV work Alas this book just didn t hit the spot for me realistically the book was probably worth a two star rating.This book, and his previous offering Pathlands just don t seem to successfully blend walking guidance and spirituality into a good read.

  2. gerald mcewen gerald mcewen says:

    I read it

  3. Beth Beth says:

    As an author and keen hiker living in Cumbria I was especially interested in the final two chapters where Peter explores a couple of famous local routes His approach is very different to other walking guide commentators and, if you re a tell it like it is person then this may not appeal That said, I found his poetic approach refreshing, and it s always fascinating to see the county through the eyes of a visitor.I also love the concept of a series of walks hikes climbs which equal the height of Everest and his writing style intruiged me to want to explore some of the other routes he describes Although he offers walking directions, and a map, at the end of each chapter this is just as much an armchair read as it is a walking guide and is certainly worth a look.

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    I loved this book It was like nothing else I ve read The author writes so beautifully about wildlife and weather and the human condition I didn t understand it all but it spoke to my soul.

  5. Helen Delanghe Helen Delanghe says:

    Peter Owen Jones has a unique knowledge of nature that speaks to anyone wishing to know and learn the magic that can be found each and every time you walk out alone He shares it with his reader as a pilgrim, each time bringing a different experience This book makes you want to try to do as many of the walks as possible and to record how each of them progressed and differed from the others A treasure to read with a wonderful humour to go with it.

  6. Lisa Blundell Lisa Blundell says:

    An inspiring journey revealing the power that nature can offer if we surrender to it, leaving the Plains behind to find the unfenced freedoms of the truly wild places we have here on our doorstep Peter O J is a beautiful writer who creates an immersive experience for the reader by his fine observations of the natural world There is a thread of the underlying sadness of past memories which are brought to a kind of reckoning through the restorative powers of his mountain ascents He offers an inclusive spirituality, a call perhaps for us all to find our own journeys out of our manmade environments into the lesser known landscapes of Britain.