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WinnerBoardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature Winner Mountain and Wilderness Literature Award,Banff Mountain Book Festival Simon McCartney was a cocky young British alpinist climbing many of the hardest routes in the Alps during the late seventies, but it was a chance meeting in Chamonix inwith Californian Stonemaster Jack Roberts that would dramatically change both their lives and almost end Simon s Inspired by a Bradford Washburn photograph published in Mountain magazine, their first objective was the , foot north face of Mount Huntington, one of the most dangerous walls in the Alaska Range The result was a route so hard and serious that for decades nobody believed they had climbed it it is still unrepeated to this day Then, raising the bar even higher, they made the first ascent of the south west face of Denali, a climb that would prove almost fatal for Simon, and one which would break the bond between him and climbing, separating the two young climbers But the bond between Simon and Jack couldn t remain dormant forever A lifetime later, a chance reconnection with Jack gave Simon the chance to bury the ghosts of what happened high on Denali, when he had faced almost certain death The Bond is Simon McCartney s story of these legendary climbs

15 thoughts on “The Bond: Two Epic Climbs in Alaska and a Lifetime's Connection Between Climbers (Audio Download): Simon McCartney, RJ Bayley, Vertebrate Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Raindog Raindog says:

    I have read a lot if mountaineering books An awful lot Joe Simpson s This Game of Ghosts , Ken Jones Darkness Descending and John Porter s One Day as a Tiger have each vived for my top spot They have just been joined by a fourth contender This book is engaging, enthralling and ultimately emotionally hard hitting Highly recommended for anyone who has ever tied a fig 8 at one end of a rope and trusted the person at the other end with their life, and also to those who wonder how that must feel.

  2. John d burns John d burns says:

    What s it like to dance on the sharp divide between life and death To stand on the edge of eternity holding your life, and that of your best friend, in the palm of your hand All this in a place where the god of all things is the mountain and that god has a cruel, pitiless heart McCartney s book is a classic written by someone who knows how fragile life is and understands that sometimes the only thing between us and oblivion is the bond that binds us to other men I am not a great reader of mountaineering books even though I ve written one or two but this book held me in its spell and left me shivering high in the mountains of Alaska.

  3. Derek Hill Derek Hill says:

    I expected this to be as good as TouchingThe Void , but it lacks the emotion of touching the void by Joe Simpson You actually feel that you are there with Joe every step of his hellish journey off Siule Grande in Peru.You also get to know how it was for Joes partner Simon Yates, the conflicting emotions that he went through when he had no choice but to cut the rope in a desperate situation.The Bond just reads like a narration of a story written by someone else.

  4. Firmin's Whiskers Firmin's Whiskers says:

    A phenomenal book on friendship, trust, courage, cool headedness and downright dogged determination.The journeys that Jack and Simon made and the heights reached are amazing achievements and a brilliant story to read.Even if climbing or mountaineering isn t your thing, this book is definitely a must read if you re interested in the sheer unfathomable strength of the body mind in the face of adversity and of friendship and comradeship in times of desperate need.A superb, highly enjoyable book.

  5. Dick_Wynne Dick_Wynne says:

    I read the Kindle edition last week and found myself devouring it I just had to buy the superbly produced print edition this week and am halfway through reading it again Knowing what happens next frees you to appreciate the psychological aspect of this poignant and honest account, written from the vantage point of middle age Skill, dedication, trust and the confidence of youth led the author and his climbing partners to great personal achievement, but also into objective danger beyond any semblance of sanity, namely the terrifying, avalanche breeding north face of Mt Huntington, whose ascent will surely never be repeated until global warming finally emasculates it I am no climber, but I cannot imagine a gripping and accessible account of what it means to be one Get the print edition, there is no comparison.

  6. Mr. R. L. Corbett Mr. R. L. Corbett says:

    A well written book about 2 Alaskan expeditions Up until I had read this book my top rated book would have been Joe Simpson s Touching the Void, however I believe this book to be the equal of, or better than Joe Simpson s book If you enjoy reading climbing books then this is should be on your bookshelf Not to be missed

  7. topher topher says:

    Excellent, poignant story of the bond between climbers and the bond between toe climbers taking on the odds and winning by luck, or by skill or by chance How the shared experiences changed and defined them is both heart warming and crushingly sad together Highly recommended, utterly compelling.

  8. Jenko Jenko says:

    This is one of the best climbing books I ve read The story of the bond excuse the pun between climbers and what happened on the mountain is breathtaking I m not a climber but I was unable to put this down, also sad that now I ve read it I won t have that pleasure again I highly recommend this and urge you to read it too.

  9. R. M. Menon R. M. Menon says:

    More than climbing.this book is about endurance and selfless help and human bonding..would recommend it highly An engrossing read

  10. Karen Forbes Karen Forbes says:

    Good detail, varied views with diary entries, mildly educational for a non climber

  11. Adria S. Jackson Adria S. Jackson says:

    Thank you Simon for telling this story

  12. Brian Newman Brian Newman says:

    Love mountaineering books and this is a very good one.

  13. Chris Maclean Chris Maclean says:

    Listened to the podcast, read the book Gripping story.

  14. Glenn E. Galloway Glenn E. Galloway says:

    Highly recommended Excellent read.

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Great book I have no experience in the climbing world but was moved by the story.