From Para to Dakar: Overcoming Paralysis and Conquering the Dakar Rally (Audio Download): Joey Evans, Joey Evans, Meredith Evans, Audioshelf: Audible Audiobooks eBook –

I don t often well up reading books but Joeys journey is so completely incredible and overwhelming, I dare you not to wipe a tear away One of the best reads I ve had in many years of reading travel adventure books.I would truly love to hear one of his motivational talks. Partner loved it I am recommending this book to everyone, bike lover or not, its amazingly inspiring From the first page to the photos at the end it is an emotional rollercoaster for Joey his Family The determination that he had throughout certainly shows his true grit I take my hat off to him to everyone involved. A great read made me overwhelmed but to read what Joey went though to achieve his dream One man with a dream and a family that supported him and a story of great friendship and support. A fantastic and gripping book Very inspiring account of a chap with lots of determination Thanks for putting the experience in writing and out there I ve realised that when things are really tough and there seems no hope for the future, it s sometimes just Chapter One of a really cool story, and the ending is entirely up to you Joey Evans has always loved bikes, from his first second hand Raleigh Strika at the age of six to the powerful off road machines that became his passion later on in his life His dream was one day to ride the most gruelling off road race in the world, the km Dakar Rally Inhis dream was shattered when he broke his back in a racing accident His spinal cord was crushed, leaving him paralysed from just below his chest Doctors gave him aper cent chance of ever walking again Many would have given up and become resigned to life in a wheelchair, but not Joey Evans Not only would he get back on his feet and walk, but he would also keep his Dakar dream alive It was a long and painful road to recovery, involving years of intensive rehabilitation and training, but he had the love and support of both family and friends and an incredible amount of determination Joey shares the many challenges he and his family faced, relating the setbacks, as well as successes, along the way to the Dakar start line But the start line was only the first goa His sights were set on reaching the finish line, which he did in , the only South African to do so From Para to Dakar is so much than the story of one man reaching the Dakar finish line It is a story of friendship and respect, compassion and kindness It is about defying the odds to reach a dream, it is about grit, endurance and raw courage, and it is inspiring in its true heroism Great book, inspirational read.My only gripe is the quality of the book binding, sadly random pages are falling out. This book should be read by anybody who likes motorcycle endurance racing and endurance of the human spirit Joey Evans is a remarkable individual who is overcome incredible adversity and has triumphed despite amazing odds against him that would ve sidelined any lesser human being I love two quotes from the book that go along the lines of I didn t come this far to only go this far and if all you can do is crawl, get crawling. Wow I devoured this book This is an even extraordinary story than I anticipated After what he s been though and accomplished, I m pretty sure that Joey Evans could kick a puppy at this point and I d still admire him I rated his book a rare five stars, I m that impressed I m willing to grade the writing on a curve in this case It s better than most could do including myself , and plenty good enough to do justice to the story, even if using a ghost writer may have been better maybe I m just grateful he took the effort to write the book at all I agree with other reviewers that our world would certainly be improved with people like Joey and Meredith These people are really living, even if I think he takes his death before DNF philosophy way too far.