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What an amazing historical context on the sheer popularity of women s cycling had as sports like baseball and football were still in their infancy. Did you know that women bicycle racing was of chamionship grade and exciting to spectators because of the skilled and fast riding This book tells of Tillie Anderson and other women wh rode fast to earn money, and the spectators packed themselves into stadiums to view the spectacle This book tells a story that I knew little about and I loved it A very good read. An exciting discovery for sports fans, equality advocates, and history enthusiasts.And yes, the indoor 48 degree Detroit Velodrome is thriving. Excellent, well written account of a little known era in American history Great view into the history of women in professional sports. Excellent Roger Gilles has excavated the fascinating history of women s bicycle racing in the late 19th Century And what a history it is Women s velodrome bicycling racing was once far popular and exciting than men s cycling Women s speeds rivaled men s, and their daring outstripped men s Thousands of spectators thronged to watch women cyclists zip dangerously around steeply banked velodrome tracks and battle for victory and fairly large prizes Roger Gilles has painstakingly uncovered the stories of these superb athletes among them Tillie Anderson Tillie the Terrible Swede , Lizzie Glaw her hottest rival , and Dottie Farnsworth a fabulous cyclist with a huge personality He brings the races six day events to life who knew that the tale of a bike race 122 years ago could be told thrillingly He situates these women and women s cycling within the larger themes of feminism, immigration, and the changing urban landscape. The s was the peak of the American bicycle craze, and consumers, including women, were buying bicycles in large numbers Despite critics who tried to discourage women from trying this new sport, women took to the bike in huge numbers, and mastery of the bicycle became a metaphor for women s mastery over their lives Spurred by the emergence of the safety bicycle and the ensuing cultural craze, women s professional bicycle racing thrived in the United States fromtoFor seven years, female racers drew large and enthusiastic crowds across the country, including Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis, St Louis, Kansas City, and New Orleans and many smaller cities in between Unlike the trudging, round the clock marathons the men and their spectators endured, women s six day races were tightly scheduled, fast paced, and highly competitive The best female racers of the era Tillie Anderson, Lizzie Glaw, and Dottie Farnsworth became household names and were America s first great women athletes Intwo racers died, and the sport s seven year run was finished and it has been almost entirely ignored in sports history, women s history, and even bicycling history Women on the Move tells the full story of America s most popular arena sport during the s, giving these pioneering athletes the place they deserve in history The book is published by University of Nebraska Press The audiobook is published by University Press Audiobooks A much needed examination of a little known aspect of American women s history in generalCHOICEFans of sports, bike racing, and amazingly talented female athletes will delight in reading Women on the MoveMissouri Historical ReviewA vivid portrait of the forgotten heroines of the bicycle boom A delightful and inspiring revelation David Herlihy, author of Bicycle The History