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Penguin presents the audio edition of They Don t Teach This, written and read by Eniola Aluko First class honours law degree One hundred and two appearances for England women s national football team First female pundit on Match of the Day UN Women UK ambassador Guardian columnist All of these achievements belong to Eni Aluko, who, with her memoir, They Don t Teach This, is keen to share her experiences, aiming to inspire listeners to be the best possible versions of themselves Aluko was appointed UN Women UK ambassador with a focus on promoting gender empowerment in , and in Octobershe was named by Marie Claire as one ofFuture Shapers Award Winners, recognising individuals who are changing women s futures for the better She is currently playing football for Juventus in Italy and writing a weekly column forThe Guardian They Don t Teach This steps beyond the realms of memoir to explore themes of dual nationality and identity, race and institutional prejudice, success, failure and faith It is an inspiring manifesto to change the way listeners and the future generation choose to view the challenges that come in their life applying life lessons with raw truths of Eni s own personal experience

9 thoughts on “They Don’t Teach This (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Eniola Aluko, Eniola Aluko, Penguin Audio : Audible Audiobooks

  1. Gol PM Gol PM says:

    I absolutely enjoyed every second of this brilliant and beautifully written book It was such a good read and resonated with me on so many levels Miss Aluko is a formidable force and a pioneer in her own right She was raised by an amazing woman who s positive attitude and great foresight helped Eniola become the self respecting high achieving woman she is today I loved the chapters about embracing her dual identity, using education as your weapon, failure on the road to success and self validating In fact, I LOVE everything this book stands for and I believe we need women like Eniola Aluko to show our daughters and young people that anything is possible if you are consistent and put in the hard work you can achieve greatness Very well done To stand up for what you believe is right in the face of culturally accepted injustice is not easy but she did it and she WON Now she is sharing the lessons she s learned and I m sure whoever reads this book can take inspiration and motivation from it Definitely recommend A must read

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Got a wobbly table and this book was great for balancing it out.

  3. Tom Tom says:

    Poor, not worth wasting your time reading this An expensive door stop should be the description.

  4. AnnW AnnW says:

    Well written autobiography The way Eni was treated by the FA was disgraceful Racism has no place in sport The lack of support by her England teammates was disappointing People who haven t experienced this type of behaviour have no idea how hurtful it can be and denying that it exists will perpetuate it.It s obvious that the people who have given one star have their own agenda and haven t actually read it

  5. Peter Noden Peter Noden says:

    I didn t get very far into this book before being bored to death but I keep trying to find something interesting to get my teeth into but it s just drivel

  6. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Shocking read waste of time

  7. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Bought this in hardback from a high street store Absolute drivel I wouldn t even give it to a charity shop in the bin.

  8. DirtyPop DirtyPop says:

    Great read, ignore all the nonsense reviews from people who clearly haven t read the book.Yes the book deals with the issue of racism because it s still a huge problem in football, in the world and in Eni s history But it isn t a book about race, Eni s love for the game comes through clearly and her life story is an interesting one She doesn t define herself by the racist treatment she has received, she is than that.Wouldn t it be nice if we could all be a bit better

  9. utente 1 utente 1 says:

    Grest book