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Cynthia Albrecht, the executive chef of the Penske Marlboro racing team and darling of the IndyCar circuit, went missing on October ,the night before her divorce from Michael Albrecht became final Drivers and racing crews from across the country converged on The Brickyard , site of the Indianapolis , to help search for her As the head mechanic for the Dick Simon racing team, known as Crabby across the race circuit, Michael had a reputation for bullying and abuse He d immediately become a suspect in Cynthia s disappearance But with a strong alibi, there was nothing authorities could do when he decided to take a vacation to Florida and skip a scheduled polygraph test and the search for his estranged wife Nor could law enforcement charge him when Cynthia s body was found a few weeks later in northern Indiana minus her head The case went cold for six years until a newly elected prosecutor allowed his deputies to charge Michael Albrecht with murder But would they be able to prove his guilt This true crime legal thriller written by one of the prosecutors, Larry Sells, and journalist Margie Porter, runs at full throttle and will leave you on the edge of your seat right up to the checkered flag at the final verdict

15 thoughts on “Race to Justice (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Larry Sells, Margie Porter, Dave Clark, WildBlue Press: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Elizabeth M. Ryan Elizabeth M. Ryan says:

    I enjoyed the first half of this book, but nauseated by the author s hubris, I couldn t muster enough interest to finish it.

  2. tmm1926 tmm1926 says:

    This is a great book Well written by two wonderful authors, one of them the prosecutor of the case I couldn t put this book down It went into the details of Cindy Albrecht s murder case in a way everyone can understand I highly recommend this book.

  3. Jana Watt Jana Watt says:

    This book was a heartbreaking look into the story behind the murder of Cindy Albrecht It was interesting to read how the case unfolded and to read the backstory of the trial It also showed the commitment of Cindys friends and co workers, who without them, I truly think this case would have never made it to trial Thank you for telling the story.

  4. Pamela S. Anderson Pamela S. Anderson says:

    Riviting story, I found it impossible to put down The authors kept the horror flowing from page one, the emotional nightmare of each and every person that this tragic story touched is heartbreaking The diligence and pain it took to get through this life changing, heartbreaking time in each persons life is clearly remarkable This book sheds light on the depth and toll Evil spreads not only to the victim, but to anyone even remotely familiar with the family s, friends, co workers, law enforcement, investigators, prosecuters, and the Racing community.

  5. Rosalie Haas Rosalie Haas says:

    I started this book knowing nothing about the crime or the trial outcome I was relieved to see this monster convicted But the very end infuriated me He was given the maximum sentence of 60 years in 1997 or 98 The last page tells us he will have fully served his sentence in 2023 Are my math skills really that bad I guess justice is a relative term Good read, anyway.

  6. JT JT says:

    This book is a tribute to Cindy Albrecht, as well as the determined prosecutor who obtained the long awaited justice she deserved Race to Justice is a well written page turner that is impossible to put down.

  7. sammi sammi says:

    What an heartbreaking story The authors and Cindy s friends did an amazing job of telling Cindy s story Definitely a book you don t want to put down.

  8. Cole Cole says:

    Couldn t put this down from start to finish FINALLY the FULL story of what happened to this beautiful girl

  9. DH Callahan DH Callahan says:

    If you want to read hundreds of pages of legal transcripts this book is for you Instead of really digging into the personalities of the affected individuals the book drags on with page after page of legal testimony verbatim Made me yearn for the in depth writing of Ann Rule and other good true crime writers Can not recommend this book.

  10. MLS52 MLS52 says:

    Well written true story of a beautiful girl gone way too soon The determination of friends is amazing A look into the racing community is fascinating and holds your attention to the very end Highly recommended.

  11. kristal kristal says:

    If you like to read trial transcript then this book is for you So slow and so boring

  12. Alan Reynolds Alan Reynolds says:

    A good True Crime story However at times the author goes too far in depth into the backgrounds of some minor characters and minute details of the legal system which can make the reader feel like they are plowing through lengthy passages just to get to the resolution of his case Most likely fascinating for those interested in such details, but not for the average reader.

  13. Mark D. Shewczyk Mark D. Shewczyk says:

    Way too much detail during the trial Needed some better editing from about the middle on And I usually like this genre.

  14. Gary S Gary S says:

    Interesting insight into both the racing world and criminal justice.

  15. PZS PZS says:

    Finished this book in a few days Hard to set it down A Great read Some writing is choppy and I had to reread sections to understand who the writer was referring to but overall Great Too bad death penalty was not applicable.