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Kevin Robbins book tells the story of Payne Stewart, a pro golfer remembered as much for his audacious persona and plus fours as for his tragic demise Here, the turning point of Stewart s career is focused on in which he lets go of his youthful brashness in favor of the humility which comes with the wisdom of age Biographical detail is weaved in throughout the story as we follow the stunning arc of the final act of Payne s life on the golf course and off, an arc that parallels a turning point of golf itself as a new breed of golfer comes into the fray Payne finally achieves the success he has strived for just before his life is taken in the shocking crash of a lear jet which plays out on live television Robbins delivers a captivating chronicle as he expertly balances the reporting of the golf narrative with the human story that makes this read so compelling A must read for anyone who is a golf aficionado, or really, for anyone who just loves a great story on the human condition. Well written and well researched I don t like when biographers try to write as if they were in their subject s head at pivotal moments This happens constantly in this book Also, the author paints Payne Stewart to be lovable despite his flaws, but I think a lot of people would tell you differently He was obnoxious and generally lacked humility I m not saying he was a bad guy or shouldn t be loved and respected, but the author focused on the good side of him and glazed over the bad side. Payne Stewart was one of my favorite golfers to watch I read the first biography and thought I was probably going to regret buying this book, after all what could be written I was surprised at how much it grabbed my attention right from page one, although it is difficult to read about the accident If you re not an avid book collector and reader, this might be better borrowed from the library I truly enjoy having it in my personal library. A story that needs to be told, not just to us old timers who remember Payne but for the good of how golf once was not so ong ago.A story of redemption, of struggles, of pride and the effects it has on us all.A well written book on the life and success as well as the failures of the Missouri Showman Don t listen to the negativity of those who are consumed by the modern game references the author was telling the story of when this great game changed with the onset of modern equipment and a new breed if golfer and the last stand of a prime example of how it used to be played.A well written good read. This will be a perfect gift for someone that always followed Payne Stewart. Well written, but had to fight through it at times There is a recurring theme throughout that old school golfers shotmakers were being phased out by cyborg like gorillas who mash the ball 350 yards and have no skill It is repeated so many times that I am certain the author no longer likes golf When the book sticks to the human stories around Payne and his family and friends, it is a great read The droning commentary on shotmakers became annoying as I struggled to maintain interest in the story. Robbins is an excellent writer who knows golf and does extensive research on his books They re a treat to read. A lot of detail and a decent golf story but overburdened with detail The story is uplifting about a golfer who matured and endears his detractors But how the detail is destructing, although it does speak to the strength of the author s research. From award winning sports writer Kevin Robbins, The Last Stand of Payne Stewart is the story of legendary golfer Payne Stewart, focusing on his last year in the PGA Tour in , which tragically culminated in a fatal air disaster that transpired publically on televisions across the country Forever remembered as one of the most dramatic storylines in the history of golf, Payne Stewart s legendary career was bookended by a dramatic comeback and a shocking, tragic end Here, Robbins brings Stewart s story vividly to life Written off as a pompous showman past the prime of his career, Stewart emerged from a long slump in the unforgettable season ofto capture the US Open and play on the victorious US Ryder Cup team He appeared to be a new man that summer wiser, deeper, and on the verge of a new level of greatness Then his journey to redemption ended in October, when his chartered Learjet flew aimlessly for than a thousand miles, ran out of fuel, and fell to earth in a prairie in South Dakota His death marked the end of an era, one made up of shotmakers who played the game with artistry, guile, finesse, and heart Behind them were Tiger Woods, David Duval, Phil Mickelson, and other young players whose power and strength changed the PGA Tour forever With exclusive access to Stewart s friends, family, and one time colleagues, Kevin Robbins provides a long overdue portrait of one of golf s greats in one of golf s greatest seasons PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio One of the best books I have ever read on a pro golfer API am not a golf fan, but Payne s story always bothered me Life taken way too early Great job.