[Free pdf] Lead, Kindly Light: Meditations, Poems, and Prayers for the Journey (Volume 1) (Spirituality of St. John Henry Newman Book 3)Author Saint John Henry Newman – Carcier.co

Description These meditations and devotions by St John Henry Newman, spanning poetry from his Anglican period including his most famous and well beloved poem, Pillar of Cloud Lead, Kindly Light , to reflections on Gods Divine Providence from his later period as a Catholic and founder of the Oratory in England, expresses a profoundly confident but deeply human faith that resonates with the very real experiences of modern Christians from all walks of life These poems intimately show a personal side of Cardinal Newman that few have glimpsed who are only familiar with his academic works Nonetheless they are universal enough in human experience to make the perfect companion to your journey of faith No matter where youve been or what youre going through, this collection of poems and prayers by the Catholic Churchs newest Saint will connect you with God and St John Newman, through heart speaking to heart This volume includes meditations by Cardinal Newman interspersed among his journeying poetry that provide very practical material for prayer and meditation as you develop in your journey of Christian life About the Author John Henry Newman was an Anglican clergyman and leader of the Oxford Movement who eventually undertook the long and arduous journey that led to his conversion to the Roman Catholic Church He was ordained a Catholic priest and became founder of the English Oratory of St Philip Neri Cardinal Newman is one of the preeminent masters of the English language, and his life and spiritual writings have led countless people into the Church St John Henry Newman has been acclaimed by the highest authorities as the consummate exemplar of a Saint for modern times