Liberated Quiltmaking Prime –

I actually own this book and it is my favorite quilting book It is a process book that describes ways of making traditional pieced units in a very free and less math way This appeals to me very much I like the quirky and funky look it produces The results resemble the style of kid s drawings Very fun The book was out of print, but I hear rumors that it is being printed again because of renewed interest Good news for a new generation of peicers This book was in line with my patchwork no pattern style of quilting Perfection in quilts is never warm or appealing to me Found a couple of good tips on fabric selection and piecing process Nice to skim just before starting a new baby quilt motivation for a happy weekend of sewing. Gwen Marston s technique she calls liberated quilting is just that liberating Just sew odd pieces of fabric together and see what you get Since reading this book, I ve made three minature quilts I plan to frame No patterns or measureing necessary This book is currently out of print It normally sells for about 25.00 Now that it s only available through new and used book dealers, the starting price is about 100 Tells you what a good book it is. A standout in its field, is this book on quilting I tend to prefer the less studied quilting methods, and I am an absolute sucker for color This book hasideas per page than most have between two covers To learn to manage color, one could do much worse than merely study what Marston has done here while she talks about form, the color competes for attention. If you want to rebel against the insane obsessive compulsiveness that most quilters think is required of them, with every point matching and every seam at exactly 1 4 inch, this is the book for you It will lighten up your quilting in a heartbeat Highly recommended I love this book Prior to reading it, I did not feel I could achieve the high standards of accuracy needed to complete a quilt this book gave me the confidence to have a go I did and I succeeded This book and other books by the same author make quilting fun not scary Quilter and lecturer Gwen Marston introduces quilters to distinctive processes for creating original quilts Without using templates or set patterns, Gwen guides the quiltmaker through each process, showing a way to work rather than actually dictating the destination Overbeautiful and colorful quilts plusillustrations are pictured in the book and the step by step instructions will serve as guides to help the quilter realize her own creative abilities The adventure of Liberated Quiltmaking processes keeps the quilter engaged throughout the entire operation These processes require using both intuition and emotion as well as technical skill Discover true freedom to create your own quilt that is beautifully unique It s not easy for me to liberate my quiltsI believe in straight edges and regular patterns I may try a crazy house block. Very cool quilting book definitely has a following, and is a good book to make a new quilter feel a bitfree to try things out. This book changed the way I approach quilting wonderful pictures to inspire, instructions if you want them , and encouragement to create your own work.