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OK it's Tula Pink and I'm a TOTAL fangirl Setting that aside (sorta) this is a good quilting book In my mind, if a book has at least 2 quilts that I want to make RIGHT NOW, it's pretty good If the instructions are clear, it's really good Add in a nice layout, great colors, and paper that is pleasant to touch, and you get an AWESOME quilting book.Having an autographed copy straight from Tula Pink's hands? Swoon. Tula Pink quilting projects Very good book for the new to quilting craft I am a dressmaker have been for a lot of years but never tried quilting so this has may nice tips. Great patternsSome new takes on classic designs Great tutorials for a lot of beginner techniques included as well as a quick intro to color choices. I liked the embroidered lampshade project I'm just tired of these same fabrics because I read another of her books using these fabrics. I love the easytoread layout and all the tips that Ms Pink gives. A lovely book both visually and in its detail for crafters. pretty much a pattern book as previously established, i like to look at books like this for inspiration for my own designs i doubt i will ever make any of these quilts therefore, i definitely did not care for how prescriptive the patterns were obviously anyone who chooses to make one of these quilts can change whatever they want, but tula gets really detailed on everything from exactly which fabrics she used to how she chose the quilting design even how she pieced the backs from scraps i just have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to try making an exact replica of someone else's quilt, why a quilt designer would want someone to copy their quilts so precisely i think another problem i have with tula pink's designs is the fact that she exclusively uses her own fabrics i mean, i get it i would do the same thing if i was her but it does give her quilts kind of a flat look, in my opinion there's a sameysameyness to them it's hard to explain, given that i truly do like a lot of her fabric designs many of her quilt designs are refreshingly innovative maybe i am just having a negative reaction to the cult of tula pink. Utterly charming!My mind was buzzing with ideas, my eyes were delighted and now my fingers are itching to get to sewing! Just not my type of quilts. Inspired fabrics and designs await you in Quilts From the House of Tula Pink!Welcome to the world of cuttingedge fabric designer Tula Pink, where clever quilts show off fanciful fabric, and your imagination can be let out to play Featuring fabrics that you know and love, Tula offerspatterns with her signature flair for color, design and original style Betweenamazing quilts andextracool companion projects, you'll be inspired to play with fabric, color and design in a way like never before!Step inside to find:large quilt patterns, perfect for the bedroom or snuggling on the couch accessory sewing projects, like an embroidered lampshade and a fabric cuckoo clock, to make your everyday life extraordinaryTips from Tula on choosing and combining fabrics, selecting a quilting motif, and even sketching your own fabric and pattern designsStepbystep illustrations handdrawn by Tula herself and supersimple sewing techniques for successful quilt making Come on in to Tula's house for the ultimate in sewing, style and fabric innovation!