Free Mrs Darley's Pagan Paths to MagickAuthor Carole Carlton –

Once you start reading any one of the Mr Darley books you just can t put it down There are so many little pieces of interesting information and the Mrs Darley stories just keep growing on me I have learned so much from these books I treasure every one of them. The fifth in the ever popular Mrs Darley Pagan series of books investigates why the word witch still holds such negative connotations and provides a stark account of the barbaric witch hunts of Europe, Britain and Salem Again, the ever likeable and enigmatic character of Mrs Darley leads the author Carole Carlton further along her magickal path as she reveals some of the Pagan secrets that underpin the workings of real, divine magickThe word magick evokes an air of mystery, wonder and excitement but can it really be as simple as waving a wand and chanting a spell In truth, the practice of magick, which is explored within this book, is far complex than we might imagine, requiring the practitioner to be both disciplined and dedicated