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The only difficulty I had with the book is some of the evidence he used for his conclusions Some of the study sizes were really small This is a good book if you are interested in changing your diet away from the SAD You can take the general recommendations without necessarily adhering to all of the details. I love Scott Cunningham s work, and this is no exception A great resource for a green hedge kitchen witch A fun read I m not a new ager, but I enjoy reading the descriptions of the herbs, fruits, veggies, and other foods in this book. Change any area of your life when you select food for its magical energy and eat it with a specific goal in mind This is Food Magic, and it s served up here in spoonfuls of lore and fact that make trying it as much fun as eating You ll see mushrooms in a clearer light after experiencing their intuitive raising effects, and a munch of celery will resonate with new meaning as it boosts both sexual desire and psychic awareness