epub The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters: A Guide to Creating, Quilting, and Living Courageously – Carcier.co

Forget step by step instructions and copycat designs In The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, Sherri Lynn Wood presents a flexible approach to quilting that breaks free of old paradigms Instead of traditional instructions, she presentsframeworks or scores that create a guiding, but not limiting, structure To help quilters gain confidence, Wood also offers detailed lessons for stitching techniques key to improvisation, design and spontaneity exercises, and lessons on color Every quilt made from one of Wood s scores will have common threads, but each one will look different because it reflects the maker s unique interpretation Featured throughout the book are Wood s own quilts and a gallery of contributor works chosen from among the hundreds submitted when she invited volunteers to test her scores during the making of this groundbreaking work If you re interested in improv quilting, this will be one you want to read Lots of ideas about process over product, an approach I follow in many things However, as a personal response, I ve realized improv modern is not really for me I love to look at it but prefer apatterned project when I make something, even if that is usually adapted somehow. wonderful I used some tips and skills and made a nice fun quilt in a weekend Clever tricks for the non measurers among us. A revalation and totally inspiring I may just pluck up the courage to follow through after reading this one.Highly recommended Fantastic book I ve purchased my own copy and can t wait to try these quilts The quilts in here are stunning and make me want to try improv quilting.