[[ Pdf ]] The T Shirt Quilt Book: Recycle Your Tees Into One Of A Kind Keepsakes 8 Exciting Projects Plus Instructions for Designing Your OwnAuthor Lindsay Conner – Carcier.co

Turn treasured tees into something brand newa Tshirt quilt! Sewspecial memory quilts, from a pillow or baby throw to bed quilts in multiple sizes Learn the secrets to choosing, cutting, and interfacing tees Get troubleshooting tips, like working with toosmall shirts and adding other clothing and fabric Whether it's your first quilt or your hundredth, this book is filled with fresh ideas for piecing your Tshirts to help you celebrate those special times

10 thoughts on “The T Shirt Quilt Book: Recycle Your Tees Into One Of A Kind Keepsakes 8 Exciting Projects Plus Instructions for Designing Your Own

  1. Laurla2 Laurla2 says:

    -i think i liked this one best so far of all the books i looked at.
    -has a nice example of many different sized tshirts, and info on how to cut and sew material to fill the gaps between the different sizes.
    -has actual instructions on how to finish the quilt! instructions on assembling, batting, pinning, basting, quilting, and binding.
    -interfacing gives stability to tricky knits. and it separates knit fabric from the sewing machine to prevent stretching and puckering as you sew. it prevents small holes from forming in the knits and will prevent future sagging after lots of use and washes.
    -fusible interfacing - stabili-tee by c&t publishing. will need more than one 62x72 piece/package.
    -use thin, natural fiber batting like cotton. its easier to stitch, lays and breathes better than synthetic.
    -can purchase 'fusible batting' to skip basting
    -can purchase bindings/bias tape in extra wide double fold.
    -since using interfacing, can use universal needles
    -can use all purpose polyester thread which is durable with a bit of stretch
    -mentions a basting spray?
    -1/2 seam allowance recommended. trim to 1/4 after sewing.
    -it is important to start out with interfacing pieces that are square. use a cutting mat and a straight edge to insure straight square edges.
    -to help in interfacing placement, mark center of edges on interfacing and tshirt image piece. line up center marks of interfacing and tshirt.
    -safer for shirt images to use lower iron settings as some tshirt graphics may transfer when heated.
    -test iron on scrap fabric and scrap interfacing, following interfacing instructions. let cool, and test bond.
    -when ironing - lift - dont slide.
    -let block cool before moving
    -trim to square after fusing

  2. Alicia Evans Alicia Evans says:

    This book provides 8 projects of varying difficulty and pattern setting, while also giving tips and tricks throughout. Readers will enjoy the set-up in the beginning that explains everything they'll need to get them started. Fun and simple instructions.

    For: quilters looking for a book with a variety of t-shirt quilt patterns.

    Possible red flags: use of applique in some projects.

  3. Becky Loader Becky Loader says:

    I have never made a t-shirt quilt, and Conner is a very good writer-of-instructions!

  4. Susan Susan says:

    This is a book to read before starting your quilt!

  5. Misha B Misha B says:

    Good resource. I used this to prepare for a class. Very helpful.