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The Silver Elves are happy to share with you another of their original Elven divination systems that they have created to be used by Elfae and all other interested diviners STICKS AND STONES, FEATHERS, CHARMS AND BONES uses the ten Sacred Magical Treasures of The Silver Elves as a base The original oracle board is featured on the cover of this book, which contains both an Inner and Outer Circle, each circle containing the Sacred Magical Treasures of The Silver Elves There are ten of these treasures in all: The Orb of Healing, The Wand of Wishing, The Coin of the Realm, The Feather of Truth Telling, The Magic Mirror of Reflection, The Sack of Giving, The Philtre of True Love, The Phial of Eternal Youth, The Elf Horns of Calling and the The Torch of the Eternal Silver Flame In this system, to cast the oracle, one may simply throw the sticks, stones, feathers, charms and bones upon the board and read the outcome according to the position in which they land The oracle interpretations for this method are found within this book The introduction to the book explains how to make your own board, how to gather and use your tokens (to represent your sticks, stones, feathers, charms and bones), and instructions on how to go about using this book to read and interpret the oracle You may ask of the oracle to give you a general reading of what is to come in your life, in which case you will use all the tokens Or you may wish to ask a very specific question, like, What is my power in this situation? In which case, you may wish to only use the Personal Charm Or you may ask, In what fashion will the spirits help me? and then the Otherworldly Charm might be best Or if you want to know what is behind the situation, what karma or fate has brought you to this circumstance, then the Small Stone might be the wisest choice But for a balanced reading, it is perhaps best to throw all the magical objects, either together or one at a time to see the various aspects of the situation and get a full view of what is going on Enjoy and please feel free to find us through the information in the book 'About The Author' section, and discuss with us your experiences with using this elven oracle.

13 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones, Feathers, Charms and Bones: An Original Oracle of the Elfin Peoples of the Ancient Future

  1. Brenda Brenda says:

    I'm so excited over this one! I had been looking a long time for a divination system using sticks and bones and so I was very happy to see that the Silver Elves— some of my favorite elven authors — published this one. The directions for making the board and collecting and then using the tokens are easy to follow, and I made my own board on construction paper in about 20 minutes — and I am no artist!!! Have used this oracle four times now, for some important life questions, and highly recommend it. I have their The Book of Elven Runes too and it goes quite well to use both for important questions and directions.

  2. The Elves The Elves says:

    People have asked us what is meant by elfin people of the "Ancient Future" and we say there is a vision that has been held through the ages by elfin people of a future paradise that we call "Elfin." Sticks and Stones, Feathers, Charms and Bones is an original oracle that arises from that vision.