read online Ideas and Inspirations: Abstract Quilts in SolidsAuthor Gwen Marston –

This is a book for grownup quilters It s a book for the many accomplished quilters who are not looking for yet another project book with pages of detailed elementary instructions on how to make someone else s quilt Rather, it s intended for quilters who are seeking ideas and inspiration for their own work In my quilt related travels, I ve had the pleasure of meeting many such veteran quilters This book was also developed to help celebrate the th anniversary of my Beaver Island Quilt Retreats BIQR Quilters who come to these retreats come with the expectation that they will be provided with an abundance of ideas which will help them design their own original work The new works in this book were made specifically to provide ideas and inspiration to support theBIQR theme of making abstract quilts in solids Gwen has always been ahead of the curve modern quilters will do well to look at this gorgeous, understated collection of quilts made from solids. Lots of pictures juice for your right brain I bought this because I want to support Gwen s work She is so generous with her ideas. in the Gwen Marston book, Abstract Quilts in Solids, that the first line is something like This is a quilt book for grownups I love that line, because she goes on to explain that the book does not have patterns, that it is for inspiration and that most people have simple quilt directions in a myriad of other books Thank you, Gwen Marston